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Houston custom signs for London Grey Rugs
Houston custom signs are a great way to draw attention to your business this holiday season.

For most people, the holiday season is a time to take their foot off the pedal, relax, and enjoy their hard-earned money. Indeed, many people love spending money on simple pleasures in the last quarter of the year more than in any other period. Based on this year’s forecasted shopping statistics, the holiday season will see a two-million increase in shoppers from Thanksgiving to the New Year. One way to maximize business revenue during this sales season is to refresh your Houston custom signs.

In this post, we outline the significance of upgrading your advertising signage before the holidays and the process of replacing old business signage with new ones.

Why Houston Custom Signs are Important for Business Advertising

Marketing is crucial for any business. Companies employ different marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Here’s why permanent business signage should be among the top marketing tactics for your business:

Makes your Business Stand Out from the Rest

Have you ever entered a business for the first time after its signage caught your eye? You’re not alone. Research shows that 8 out of 10 Americans enter a business for the first time just because of the attractive signage. An effective business sign can get customers to choose your business over competitors, even if you’re in a competitive field.

Solidifies your Brand Identity

The goal of every business is to have both an existing consumer base and a steady stream of new clients. Good signage conveys what your brand is all about to your existing and prospective customers. Every aspect, from the font to the color and graphics of our Houston custom signs, aims at increasing your brand’s recognition.

Saves your Business Money

Business signs cost a fraction of what you spend through other marketing channels such as TV, radio, pay-per-impression, and affiliate marketing. Although the initial cost of your Houston outdoor signage might be significant, it’s a one-time investment that can last for years, saving you from expenses associated with recurring marketing.

Signs That Your Signage May Be Worn or Outdated

Signs are subject to wear and tear after a while due to exposure to the elements. Unkempt or worn-out signage communicates to your current and potential customers that you don’t care about first impressions and are ignorant of the significant aspects of your business. To avoid this, be aware of signs of wear and tear on your Houston custom signs:

Burnt-out Lights in Your Houston Custom Signs

There’s no question that illuminated signs are better than other business signage. However, some lighting elements are prone to burning out. Watch out for burnt-out lights in your business signage, especially in neon and fluorescent bulbs.

Dull Parts

Of all the outdoor elements, the weather damages outdoor business signs the most. Outdoor conditions play a part in outdoor signage becoming dull over time. In Houston, the impact of weather on signs is often evident after summer since most Houston outdoor signage is exposed to the harsh effects of the sun.

Missing or Cracked Letters

The odds of letters missing from your sign are low. However, if you live in an area with adverse weather conditions, some channel letters in your custom sign might go missing. When this happens, it’s important to replace the missing letters as soon as possible to avoid conveying a different message than you intended. It’s far more likely that old signs will have cracked letters that look bad and detract from your business. In these cases, it’s important to replace the letters with newer versions.

Why Upgrading to New Houston Custom Signs Before the Holidays Might Increase Business Revenue

The holiday period, starting November all the way through to the new year, is the best time to install our Houston custom lights for business. This is why:

Holidays Drive Almost a Quarter of Sales

There are numerous holidays in November and December when shopping happens – from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. This sales season accounts for almost a quarter of annual retail sales, so upgrading your signs before the holiday is in full swing positions your business to get the larger piece of the pie.

Signs Amplify Shopping Experience

The mood during the holiday season is quite different from the rest of the year. Most people want to be in a fun and exciting environment at this time. Upgrading your sign before the holiday improves your business’s aesthetic appeal, which gets people in the mood to spend money.

Stay on Top of Fierce Competition

When the holiday season kicks in, every business goes out of its way to market itself, making the competition for consumers stiff. Installing a new sign before the holiday gets people to notice your brand early so that you’re all they can think about when the holiday season comes around.

How to Replace an Old Signage with New Houston Custom Signs

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your brand and attract a new stream of clients is to upgrade your outdated sign. Here’s the process we use to design, construct, and install all Houston custom signs:

  • Design: You get to design your custom business sign with our team of expert designers to ensure all your marketing needs are taken into account.
  • Manufacturing: We run an effective manufacturing process in our warehouse using the highest quality material and cutting-edge technology to create high-quality signage.
  • Installation: Once the sign is complete, our professional will install it in your business area. We insist on installing signs for all our clients to protect their investment and the safety of staff and customers.
  • Unveiling: After you confirm that the sign is okay, we can arrange a small unveiling ceremony for the new sign. This can also be a good marketing opportunity for your business.

We also handle all permitting or approval requirements to display your Houston custom signs. This is important to ensure your sign is legally acceptable in your neighborhood.

Get All Houston Custom Signs Under One Roof!

Are you looking for a professional custom sign? Unlike most Houston sign companies, we work with you closely to ensure your design needs are met. Our professional experts also adhere to your timeframe and budget needs. Take a look at some of our sign custom designs, and get in touch with us at 4D Signworx for the best indoor and outdoor Houston custom signs.