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Houston Channel Letter Signs – 4D Signworx
When your letters start to fade, consider revitalizing them by refacing your Houston channel letter signs. Your sign company can custom cut new faces for your business signs.

As time goes by, your Houston channel letter signs may start to show signs of wear. When this happens, it can make your sign look shabby. Additionally, faded Houston channel letter signs can affect your reputation. For example, consumers may judge your business by the worn-out look of your sign. In these cases, you need to do something fast. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your Houston custom signs. Instead, consider refacing your channel letter signs to make them attractive again.

How Do You Reface Houston Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter faces are made of colored acrylic and shaped to form the letters in your sign. To reface your Houston channel letter signs, your sign company will remove the old faces and bring them back to the shop. Then, we will recreate the shapes and manufacture new faces. This process requires skill and precision, as channel letter faces need to fit perfectly inside the aluminum sheeting that forms the sides of each letter in your sign. Next, your sign technician will install your new faces into your existing sign.

This option is often faster, simpler, and less expensive than completely replacing your channel letter signs and helps improve the look of aging signs. Therefore, in most cases, you can choose this cost-effective option over replacing your signs.

Reasons You May Need to Reface Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

So, what problems can refacing fix on your channel letter signs? Generally, any time your channel letter faces start to look neglected or different than normal, refacing is a great option. Here are some common reasons we reface Houston channel letter signs:


Over time, all Houston custom signs start to show signs of wear and tear. Channel letter signs are no different. Sun exposure can cause acrylic faces to fade and look worn down. In these cases, you can easily reface your channel letters to keep your signage looking top-notch.

Hot Spots

Additionally, if a face starts to fade more in one spot than another, you may start to see areas of your letters that are significantly brighter than others. This is what we call a “hot spot.” If your Houston channel letter signs have hot spots, replacing the faces should solve this issue.

Branding Changes

Another reason you may need to reface your Houston outdoor signs is after a major brand change. When you decide to change your company’s logo or branding color scheme, your sign should match your new marketing strategy. For example, if your brand mainly uses blue for branding, you likely shouldn’t have red faces on your channel letter signs. Therefore, after a major branding change, we can reface your sign to create consistent branding for your business.

At 4D Signworx, we provide precise, quality signs for Houston area businesses. We accept nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, partnering with us means receiving the best signage solutions for your business. We do all our manufacturing on site to ensure every sign meets our standards. Therefore, we have the capabilities to repair, replace, reface, or manufacture a wide variety of signs for your company. Call us today at (713) 984-2010 to discuss your needs with our experts and request a free quote. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.