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The right Houston custom signs can boost visibility for your company and can increase your sales and profitability in the competitive marketplace. Location and design are two of the most important factors that will determine the success of your signage project. By taking these elements into consideration, you can enjoy an increase in sales and the largest return on your investment while enhancing the reputation of your store or business within the local community.

The Right Location

In general, your Houston outdoor signage should be located close to your business to ensure the greatest degree of foot traffic. If you are located off a major thoroughfare, you may want to ensure that your sign is easily visible from the street and not hidden by trees, light posts, and other obstructions. Indoor signs should be positioned at about six feet from the floor for optimal viewing. Exterior signage should be slightly higher and well-lit to allow visibility morning, noon, and night.

The Right Design

Your design can also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your signs. For Houston outdoor signs, keeping it simple can allow drivers to read and recognize your sign and your business more easily. Bold colors and easy-to-read text are always a must for attracting attention with your exterior signage. Adding a colorful graphic that reflects your overall business philosophy, your products or just a whimsical mascot can also boost your company’s name recognition in the local community. Opting for LED signs can increase the visibility of your outdoor signage during the day and after dark.


Maintaining a consistent color scheme and logo for your Houston custom signs is critical to ensure that your branding efforts pay off over time. Major companies retain the same logos and branding with minimal changes for many years. By following their example and creating a consistent look and feel for your corporate communications and marketing logos, you can attract new customers while ensuring that your current clients can find and access your products and services. By designing a memorable logo and using the same color scheme for all your signage, you can build on your current success.

At 4D Signworx, we specialize in creating and installing Houston LED signs and all types of indoor and outdoor signage designed to suit your business, your budget, and your marketing needs. Our expert design team will work with you to create a sign that reflects your company’s own unique style and that can attract customers to your business. We can fabricate and install all types of Houston custom signs for public buildings, parks, and private enterprises. Call us today at 713-984-2010 to schedule a quote for your project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your organization.