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Wall SignsYour lobby sets the stage for customers and visitors to your company. Investing in Houston custom signs and illumination for these signs will help your business to make the most positive impression on first-time visitors and repeat clients to your location.

A relatively small financial outlay will often pay off in improved visibility and real support for your branding efforts. Planning and designing your lobby signs for maximum impact in your local community can be executed by following a few simple strategies.

Key Strategies for Designing Your Lobby Signs

Select a design that reflects your business model and core values.

The design you choose for your signs can complement or contradict your underlying business message. For example, companies that want to project stability and reliability should generally stay away from bright, garish colors or unusual fonts. Companies that cater to younger audiences, however, can benefit from avant-garde Houston channel letter signs and other modern touches.

Shed a little light on the subject.

Houston LED signs are specifically intended to provide clear visibility for long distances. For indoor use, these illuminated signs are usually dimmer and use shadows to create a dramatic and memorable effect. Implemented properly, these lighted signs are the perfect solution for your lobby.

Coordinate colors and styles with your existing décor.

Contrasting styles sometimes make a strong impact on visitors to your offices, stores or other locations. However, making sure that your indoor signage is designed to complement and work with your existing décor is generally a solid decision to ensure strong impact for these signs.

Size does matter.

A lobby sign that is too big will look imposing and overwhelming for some of your company’s visitors and customers. Signs that are too small, by contrast, may be overlooked. Choosing Houston custom signs that are perfectly sized for your available space is the best way to be noticed in a positive manner.

Work with a professional signage company.

Your Houston custom signs company has the experience and knowledge needed to produce the best possible results for your project. Signs designed and produced by an established company will provide increased durability and a more professional appearance for your enterprise.

At 4D Signworx, we are committed to providing you with the best options for indoor and outdoor signage in the Houston area. Our experienced designers and fabricators will create a sign that looks great and lasts for many years into the future. Call us today at 713-984-2010 to discuss our full lineup of amenity signs, lobby signage and outdoor LED options. We look forward to the opportunity to bring your brand to life.