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Multi TennentMonument signs are often used in shopping centers and other multi-tenant properties to list the names of the primary shops, service providers and restaurants in these areas. These signs are distinguished by a few key characteristics that include a free-standing structure, an architectural approach to design and a location that can easily be seen from nearby streets and roadways. While Houston channel letter signs can make a solid impact on the exterior of your shop or dining establishment, the primary focus of monument signs is to deliver location information and to attract attention from motorists and pedestrians in your area.

Exploring Your Monument Sign Options

One of the most important benefits of monument signs is their versatility. These Houston outdoor signs are available in a wide range of configurations and materials. Brick, stone, wood or concrete can serve as the primary material for your monument sign. They can be designed to showcase your business on its own or as a list of all the tenants in a particular shopping center or area. When combined with your custom Houston channel letter signs or LED signage, these monument signs can serve as a landmark for potential customers in your area.

Upgrading to a Digital Display

LED signs and programmable displays can help your business stand out from the crowd. Programmable signs are especially useful in delivering your message to your target audience and in allowing you to adjust your signage as circumstances change. This can help you to make the most effective use of your available space. Additionally, updating your Houston wall signs on a regular basis can keep your marketing message fresh for your repeat customers.

Making the Right Impression

Choosing a font that is clear and easy to read is essential when designing your company’s entry on a group monument sign or on a dedicated sign for your business. While you may not have the final say on the configuration of the monument sign for your shopping center, you can design and install a company-specific sign that will enhance your overall visibility in the Houston area.

At 4D Signworx, we specialize in providing your company or organization with the most attractive and appealing Houston channel letter signs, LED signs and monument signs to showcase your business and provide you with the best visibility in your area. Our team of technicians can design, construct and install your signs to your precise specifications and to the highest standards of quality. Call us today at 713-984-2010 to schedule a consultation or to request a quote for your signage project. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.