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Houston outdoor signs for cosmetics franchise location
Houston outdoor signs help attract customers to your franchise location.

Houston outdoor signs are a necessary part of marketing your business. Many business owners struggle with creating a recognizable and relatable brand, which is where franchising comes in. Owning a franchise location allows you to take advantage of an established brand to build your business upon. Signage is a critical part of any franchise location’s success, as it communicates who you are to your potential customers. If you’re thinking of opening a franchise location or currently own a franchise location, make sure you know some key points about outdoor signage for your business.

Why are Houston Outdoor Signs Essential for Franchise Locations?

Just like any business, Houston outdoor signs help attract people to your location. No matter the industry you’re in, you need a good on-premises sign. Outdoor business signs perform many functions, from creating brand awareness and letting people know you’re there to helping customers find your exact location. Therefore, outdoor signage can play an integral role in your success. This is especially true because signage is still one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise and market your business.

Now, you might be thinking that marketing and advertising is pretty much already done for you as a franchise owner. However, it’s still necessary to have signage to communicate with your customers. Otherwise, they may be completely unaware that your location even exists. Just because you’re working under a successful franchise brand doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to get customers through the door. Quality signage helps with this. 

How Houston Sign Companies Help with Franchise Signage

After you sign the franchise agreement, you can get to work creating your business under guidelines set by the franchisor. After all, a consistent brand is one of the primary advantages of becoming a franchisee, so the guidelines help with this. Franchise rules also apply to your Houston outdoor signs.  Generally speaking, franchises have specific rules around what your signs can look like and communicate. In some cases, you may even need to work with a specific signage supplier to create the signs you need. In other cases, you have your choice of Houston sign companies to create your signs. Always check your franchise agreement to make sure you’re following the guidelines. However, if you have a choice of sign company, make sure you choose the right partner for your signage needs. Working with a trusted sign company offers many benefits as you create your needed franchise signs. 

Ensuring Quality Houston Outdoor Signs

One important way sign companies help you set your franchise location up for success is by ensuring you receive quality signage. No matter the design, industry, or franchise, it’s important to have quality Houston outdoor signs for your business. Poor quality manufacturing puts you at risk for more frequent repairs and replacements. This not only looks bad to your customers, but can also cost you much more in the long-run. Also, low quality signs typically experience premature wear and tear that also tends to make a bad first impression. For instance, low quality signage materials may fade faster and leave your location looking old, dilapidated, and uncared for. Therefore, even if you have the most effective signage design from your franchise marketing materials, it will make little difference unless you work with signage experts that prioritize quality. 

Help Choosing the Type of Houston Outdoor Signs to Install

While franchises typically have incredibly strict guidelines on signage design, there are typically a few approved variations to match each location. For instance, some locations may do better with a pylon sign, while others may need Houston channel letter signs. Choosing between these different types of outdoor signs can prove difficult if you’re not a signage expert. Our professionals can help walk you through the pros and cons of each type of sign and discuss which options may work best for your specific needs. 

Guidance on Permits and Laws for Houston Outdoor Signs

In addition to evaluating your site to determine signage options, it’s also necessary to look at any applicable regulations. There are many rules regarding Houston outdoor signs, particularly around size, height, and placement. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider which franchise signage options fit local restrictions. Installing signage involves getting necessary permits and having designs approved for your specific site. Your sign company can help you through this process and ensure you meet local signage laws. Violations can result in a significant amount of hassle and money for fines and retrofitting signs to fit regulations. 

Strategizing for Placement 

Another factor you need to consider for your outdoor franchise signs is placement. You need to install your signs where they will be most eye catching and effective. For instance, you wouldn’t hide your signs behind a tall tree that obstructs most of the sign, would you? In many cases, signage placement can make or break your advertising strategies. Signage professionals offer years of expertise to find the right signage type and placement to maximize returns. Conducting a site survey, discussing your goals, and reviewing local signage laws helps our team determine the right place to install your Houston outdoor signs. 

Matching Brand Guidelines for Your Signs

As you research different Houston sign companies for your franchise sign, it’s also important to consider how they will match brand guidelines. In many cases, franchise owners are given a specific set of guidelines to follow for all advertising, including outdoor signs. As a franchisee, you must match specific colors, fonts, shapes, and other visual elements. This means ensuring your design team and your signage manufacturing experts need to be clear and have experience providing precise results for franchise signage. Our team can help with color and font matching and can utilize practically any graphic element for your signs. Also, since we do all the fabrication in-house, we offer superior quality control to meet your exact standards. 

Ongoing Maintenance and Repair for Franchise Signs

Of course, it’s also important to note that Houston outdoor signs are an investment in your business. You want to protect that investment any way you can. Your signage needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Throughout the expected life of your signage, you may also need repairs for things like worn channel letter faces or burnt out lighting elements. Your trusted signage company performs maintenance and repairs to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward every day with attractive, pristine business signs. 

Total Signage Solutions from 4D Signworx

At 4D Signworx, we offer turnkey signage solutions for businesses. Our team works with you to design, fabricate, install, maintain, and repair signage that draws customers to your business. We’ve helped countless Houston-area business owners create high quality, customized signage since our founding in 1968. We are proud to offer in-house manufacturing in our 24,000 square foot facility to ensure superior quality assurance. Our team is standing by to create signage that effectively advertises your business. Get in touch now for a free quote.