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Houston outdoor signage should tell people what your small business is and why they should come pay you a visit!

Though marketing has taken a digital turn in recent years, Houston outdoor signage should always have a place in your overall marketing strategy. Signs for small businesses are essential for increasing awareness and sales. They are your silent salesperson and can help attract customers to your location. 

Why Small Businesses Need Houston Outdoor Signage

Between online retailers and big box stores, today’s markets are increasingly competitive. No matter what industry your small business operates in, there’s likely to be some major competition in your midst. So, how can small businesses compete and differentiate themselves from all the others in their market? 

While flashy television commercials and costly online ads can help, these are often much too expensive for new and small businesses. What if we told you there was an extremely cost-effective way to market your business without breaking the bank?

You guessed it, Houston outdoor signage is that solution. 

Now, you may be thinking, “Of course you’re going to say that! You make signs!” However, there’s a lot of evidence out there to support setting aside some marketing dollars for signage. One study found that as many as 45% of first-time customers visit businesses because they noticed their sign. So, without exterior business signs, you could be losing out on almost half of your potential business. 

What Type of Houston Outdoor Signage Helps Small Businesses?

There are many different types of Houston outdoor signage that small businesses use for marketing. Each does something different for your business to help increase sales, so make sure you take advantage of each type.

Large Branding Houston Outdoor Signage

First and foremost, you should focus on creating a large on-premises sign. These help attract people from the road or sidewalk. They’re likely the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a business sign. Most small businesses include their name and logo on these signs to show people where they’re located and to convey what products or services they have to offer. The name of the game for these signs is that they need to be large and easy to read from a distance. These are the signs that get people to notice you and convince them to stop by your store. Many small businesses use Houston channel letter signs to do this, as they are large, attractive, highly visible, and even offer lighting for 24 hour advertising. However, other options include things like pylon signs, masonry signs, and other large types of signage. 

Another important function of these branding signs for your small business is to create brand awareness. Even if someone doesn’t need your products or services now, passing by your sign each day on the way to work can plant a seed in someone’s mind. When they do need your business, a good sign may well make them remember your business and location. The key here is to have a distinguishable sign that offers your brand promise. These signs should convey what you do and your competitive differences in just a quick glance to help people remember you when they need what you have to offer. 

Other Exterior Signs for Effective Small Business Marketing

However, don’t underestimate smaller outdoor signs either. Your large on-premises signs may draw customers in, but other exterior signs can help reinforce that these first-time visitors have made the right choice in coming to your small business. They can also help provide other information that they may need to know.

For example, having Houston outdoor signage that explains your hours is incredibly important. If someone stops by when you’re closed, having your hours posted clearly on a sign near your entrance can help encourage them to come back when you’re open again. If they don’t have this information, there’s a chance they may not return to make a purchase. 

Temporary Houston outdoor signage for promotions is another way to drum up business from passersby. Sales and promotions do something to our brains that make us get excited and sometimes even buy things we weren’t intending. Signage can help convey these promotions to get more people in your door and encourage them to buy more! Sure, you can tell someone you’re having a sale or offering a promotional discount once they enter the store, but having a sign outside for people to see before they even get through the door can get more people to stop by and make a purchase. 

Also, if you’re a new business, don’t underestimate the value of “coming soon” and “open now” signage. A “coming soon” banner outside can help generate interest and anticipation, while the “open now” invites people to come in and check out your new store. People get excited about new businesses, and utilizing the novelty is a great way to get some initial sales going for your small business. 

How to Attract More Business with Houston Custom Signs?

While Houston outdoor signage can be very effective, that doesn’t mean that all signs are going to generate business. What we mean is that they have to be strategically designed and placed to help your small business.

The right design is vital for your Houston custom signs. Design plays a role in readability, branding, and just overall appeal. Everyone has seen a bad sign that looks too busy, is illegible, or even has misspellings. These issues don’t instill confidence in your potential customers and could even drive away business. Instead, make sure you work with a professional design team to create an attractive and functional sign. 

Also, consider placement and size as you’re designing your small business signage. Even the best designed sign won’t be very effective if it’s hidden behind a tree! Our signage professionals are here to offer guidance on placement for maximum visibility to help boost brand awareness and sales for your business. 

At 4D Signworx, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing signs since 1968! We have the experience you need for effective, high quality signs. As a family owned and operated business, our goal is to provide you with cost-effective signage that helps your business succeed. Call us today at (713) 984-2010 to get a free quote for your new sign!