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Are you considering Houston LED signs for your business? Learn more about the history of LED technology.

Houston LED signs are quite common, but you may not know about the history behind them. Luminous signs tend to have a better impact on customers for advertising purposes, but LED signs have only really been around since the 1960s. Even now, Houston LED signs are constantly improving. Learn more about the history behind LED signs and recent innovations that make them even better than before. There are many advantages to using LED signs for your business, as they are cost-effective and a great way to increase brand awareness and sales.

Where Houston LED Signs Got Their Beginnings

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, were invented by Russian scientist Oleg Losov in 1927. However, the technology stayed out of the commercial space until the 1960s, when James R. Baird and Gary Pittman of Texas Instruments discovered infrared LEDs. Texas Instruments quickly announced the first commercial product using LED technology, but unfortunately, their product wasn’t easily seen like Houston LED signs are. However, by 1962 Nick Holonyak of General Electric invented the first visible LED light spectrum and by 1973 GE had improved LED brightness significantly.

Hewlett Packard and a raw semiconductor materials supply company named Monsanto created the first LED display in 1969. This is where Houston LED signs really got their start. It was the first functional and practical use of LED technology to broadcast information for others to see. This display only came in red. However, through the 1980s and 1990s scientists came up with ways to add blue LED, green LED, and all the other colors we see in LED signs today.

Over time, as technology developed, Houston LED signs started to become more affordable for businesses of all types and sizes. In the early 2000s, as LED tech advanced, these signs started to drop in price from premium prices to an economical option for the average business. As time goes on, LED sign production becomes better, faster, and easier to create. This translates to many businesses using these extremely effective signs without going outside their budget.

LED Technology Is Still Changing

As LEDs improve, so do signs. Even in the last few years, Houston LED signs have seen some major improvements. Today’s LED signs offer higher resolution, better visibility, and even more colors to work with and to attract customers. LEDs have also gotten brighter with ongoing advances.

Modern LED Houston custom signs also feature better hardware than previous designs. As more and more businesses are using larger displays and outdoor LED signs, signage professionals are looking for ways to make hardware stronger and more durable. This means your business can implement these signs in more applications and also replace them even less frequently than before.

Additionally, LED lights have become very energy efficient, offering lower energy consumption and electricity bills for businesses. In fact, compared to signs that use neon and incandescent bulbs, LEDs use two to four times less energy. They also emit more light per watt than neon and incandescent lights. This is a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and save on energy costs without sacrificing quality for your signs. Therefore, if you purchased LED signage even ten years ago, it may be more effective and even cheaper in the long run to upgrade to a newer version.

Benefits of Houston LED Signs

LED signs offer many benefits for your business. Your sign experts can help you find signage options that fit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for outdoor signs or indoor displays, consider using this brilliant technology to promote and market your business.  


A great benefit of LED signs that businesses love is that they’re really versatile. For example, you can choose monochrome signs, which display a single color. For example, amber, blue, or red. They display text and symbols clearly in just one color to potential customers. Also, you can opt for full-color LED signs, which can show many different colors at once, which is better for complex graphics.

Your signage experts can also help you choose a sign that will fit your exact needs. For instance, if you know how far away most people will be viewing your sign, they can help you determine the pixel pitch and resolution you will need. If you’re targeting a nearby highway, your sign may not need as many LED pixels as you would for indoor LED signs where people will be standing closer to your signs. Therefore, you can really tailor your sign to your unique needs.

Low Maintenance & Long-Lasting

Also, LED signs don’t require a lot of maintenance. Because these signs are designed for durability and longevity, they don’t need a lot of service or repair.  This is especially true for newer designs featuring stronger hardware. A high-quality LED sign from your signage specialists can last a decade or more, which means you save the time and hassle of replacing your signage every few years. This means fewer interruptions in your daily operations and also fewer costs over time.


Finally, LED signs are a great way to attract customers. In fact, the Small Business Association determined that LED signs are the most cost-effective form of advertising for small businesses. Recent studies also show that LED signs offer a return on your investment in as little as three months, due to the increase in sales and business. Therefore, installing an LED sign is a great way to help increase your customer base and your revenue.

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