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Houston Channel Letter Signs – 4D Signworx
Houston channel letter signs use aluminum to create strong, weather-resistant letters.

Houston channel letter signs are a practical, attractive way to advertise your business. You can use channel letters inside or outside to help increase sales and promote your company. These types of signs are some of the most popular for businesses in the greater Houston area. This is because they are highly effective at drawing customers in. They are also highly durable and long-lasting, which makes them a great investment. The materials that go into making each letter for your signage help promote durability and longevity. Most channel letters are made of different types of plastics and aluminum, as well as electrical components for illuminated signs.

How Do You Make Houston Channel Letter Signs?

There are many different ways to create Houston channel letter signs. They are versatile to be able to suit a wide range of needs. For regular channel letters, we start by creating the backing of the letter. This involves cutting out the shape of each letter or logo in your company’s sign. Once the backing is complete, then we start creating the sides of your channel letters. The sides of the letters are also known as returns. Returns are generally between four and six inches deep to offer plenty of support and space for the other components of your Houston custom signs. However, channel letter depth is also customizable.

Once we finish fabricating the backing and returns for your Houston channel letter signs, then we cut out the front pieces of each letter. These are generally made of acrylic in the color you choose for your signs. Channel letter faces are the main component of what your customers see when they look at your sign.

After everything is cut out and manufactured with precision, then we assemble the channel letters. This means attaching the return to the backing and then the face to the front of the letter. Finally, our technicians finish by placing the trim cap around the edges of each letter to help fasten the face to the return and to also create a seamless look for each letter. When the letters are complete and connected to any lighting systems you choose, then they are ready for installation from our signage professionals.

Which Components of Houston Channel Letter Signs are Aluminum?

As you can imagine, there are many different components of Houston channel letter signs that you can choose to make out of aluminum. Almost all channel letter backs aluminum. Also we make most returns out of flexible aluminum sheets. Then, the return and backing are either welded together or fastened with rivets or other such materials, depending on the specifics of your sign.

However, you can also choose to have aluminum channel letter faces. You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as brushed aluminum or even painted metal. Aluminum faces are generally the go-to for reverse-lit channel letters. Unlike front-lit channel letters, which illuminate the faces, this type of signage requires opaque faces. This helps create backlighting, which creates a light “halo” behind each letter. Aluminum faces for reverse-lit Houston channel letter signs create a sophisticated look for your business.

Trim caps also come in aluminum options as well. Most trim caps are plastic. However, aluminum trim caps can be more durable than plastic, which is why some choose this option. Aluminum trim caps can come in a variety of colors to match the faces of your Houston channel letter signs.

Why Use Aluminum for My Houston Custom Signs?

You may be wondering why there’s so much aluminum involved with fabricating Houston channel letter signs. There are many benefits of choosing this type of metal over other types. One great reason is that aluminum is naturally weather resistant. Aluminum resists oxidation, corrosion, and rust, which makes it a great option for Houston custom signs. When aluminum comes into contact with oxygen, it forms a chemical called aluminum oxide. This thin layer helps protect the metal from the elements, which makes it perfect for outdoor channel letters. Additionally, when you paint aluminum, as we frequently do for channel letter returns, this offers even more corrosion protection. Therefore, aluminum is a low maintenance and durable option to help reduce rust and deterioration.

Also, aluminum offers qualities that are simply great for making signs. Aluminum is lightweight, which makes it great for creating channel letters that hang on vertical spaces like building exteriors and interior walls. In addition, it’s a cost-effective material, as it lasts a long time and generally costs less than many other metals. For example, steel can be significantly more expensive than aluminum and is also a lot heavier, which makes it impractical to use for channel letter signage.

Another important characteristic of aluminum that makes it perfect for Houston channel letter signs is that it’s non-combustible. This is especially important for channel letters that feature lighting. Illuminated signs feature many electrical components. Also, bulbs, whether neon or LED will get warm when they’re lit. Because of this, it’s important to create signs out of materials that are nonflammable. Therefore, using aluminum in your Houston custom signs can help improve safety and reduce the chance of a fire from your signage. As you can see, there are many reasons why aluminum is our go-t0 metal for channel letters.

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