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METRO Houston channel letter signs
Houston channel letter signs are great advertising tools!

Houston channel letter signs are all over, but why do so many businesses choose this type of signage? These signs are versatile, durable, and incredibly effective, making them a great option for advertising. Signage is still one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Channel letters offer some really amazing benefits to help draw in more business.

Houston Channel Letter Signs are Versatile

First off, channel letters are highly customizable. So, they’re great for practically any business sign. Their versatility makes them perfect for many different applications. 

Types of Houston Channel Letter Signs

There are several different kinds of channel letter signs to help you promote your business. First, you can go with a non-illuminated option, which helps draw the eye during the day. However, adding lights can help you advertise 24/7. There are several different options to help your Houston outdoor signage stand out. 

Front-lit letters are some of the most popular. These use lights to shine through the acrylic face of your letters.

Reverse-lit signs use opaque letter faces to block light from shining through. Instead, the light shines behind the letters onto the mounting surface, usually your building’s facade. This creates a halo effect for a more unique look to your signs. 

Another option is having a combination of the two lighting options. This is where the light shines through the letter faces and also provides backlighting. These are incredibly visible in the dark and can also help differentiate your business. 

Therefore, depending on your brand identity, budget, and other factors, you can choose the type of sign that fits your business best. However, customization doesn’t end there. 

Customize Colors, Fonts, and Add Logos

There are also very few design limitations for channel letters. Essentially, you’re really only limited to your imagination. 

The coloring of your sign comes from the acrylic letter faces and paint on the aluminum, which means we can create almost any color you can imagine for your signs. We can also use colored LEDs to help you customize your signs to your business and help them stand out. 

The typeface (aka font) options are also basically endless. Each letter is made out of thin, flexible aluminum, which means they’re easy to mold into practically any shape. This means not only can we recreate many of the same fonts you find on your computer, but we can even make signs with a custom font of your choosing. We can also form logo shapes to accompany your business name for your signage. Customized acrylic faces are also an option for more intricate logos. 

Friendly Mounting Options

If you’re leasing your business space, then you’re likely limited on the types of modifications you can do to the building. Another great thing about channel letter signs is that we have the ability to mount them in many different ways. For instance, we can install the letters on a raceway box, which means we need to drill fewer holes in the building facade. 

Since many businesses lease their space rather than own, in many cases channel letters are preferred. They’re less damaging to install and remove than many other types of signs. Obviously you’ll need to check with your landlord first, but in most cases you’re free to install a raceway mount channel letter sign on your building to help attract attention. 

Super Durable and Long-Lasting Houston Outdoor Signage with Channel Letters

Signage is an investment in your business, and a good investment will not only make an impression, but last a long time with little upkeep. Houston channel letter signs are incredibly durable and can last a decade or more. 

Channel letters are made of low-rust aluminum and strong acrylic plastic, which means they can withstand a lot of conditions, from sun and heat to rain and wind. They can even stand up to snow or even fire. 

This type of signage is also pretty easy to maintain. Giving the letters a good cleaning regularly is the main thing they need. In some cases you might also need electrical maintenance for the wiring if you have illuminated signs. Lit channel letters typically use LEDs for illumination, which are incredibly long-lasting, so there’s less worry about burnt out bulbs affecting your advertising efforts.

It’s also super easy to give your channel letters a quick refresh. For instance, if your letters start experiencing color fading after years in the sun, this doesn’t necessarily mean a sign replacement. Instead, we can often cut out new acrylic faces and replace them for a refreshed look. 

Houston Channel Letter Signs are Effective Advertising

Now, even the most well-made signage needs to bring in business, or else why spend the money on Houston custom signs? The good news is channel letters are also highly effective.

3D Houston Channel Letter Signs are Eye-Catching

Channel letters are a popular business sign option because they’re incredibly eye-catching. Since they’re three dimensional, they stand out more than a two dimensional sign. This is especially true for outdoor signs, as they’re easier to read and people might be going quite fast like when driving passed your business. Also, since each letter is distinct from the others, this makes them much easier to read than many other types of signs. Legibility is one of the most important parts of good signs according to both customers and businesses. 

Simple Duplication for Multiple Locations

Another great benefit of channel letter signs is that they’re fairly easy to duplicate. This is especially important for franchises or businesses with multiple locations. In many cases, your Houston outdoor signage is what people will recognize first. In many cases, even if you have the same name, but a different style of sign on the building, people might not recognize that you’re part of the same brand. Channel letter signs make this easy, whether you’re a franchise as part of a national chain, or a small business with a handful of locations. 

High Quality Houston Custom Signs from 4D Signworx

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