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karbach channel lettersWhen working with your Houston sign company to create the perfect outdoor signage for your business, fonts play a big role. These marketing tools have a big impact on your potential customers. With thousands of fonts to choose from, you may need a little extra help in narrowing down your choices to reflect your style and business. Keep in mind some of these key considerations when choosing the fonts for your Houston custom signs.

Consider Your Branding

If you already have a font chosen for your corporate branding, your task will be significantly easier. Your corporate logo may be used as a featured element on your outdoor signs or may serve as the starting point for your signage project. If you begin with your logo font, your sign will contribute to your branding efforts to create a cohesive and integrated look for all marketing strategies.

Factor In the Type of Sign

Different sign configurations lend themselves to different fonts. For example, Houston channel letter signs may limit the font choices available to you. A reputable and established Houston sign company can help you to achieve the best possible results for your outdoor signage project.

Opt for Clear Visibility

For companies that have not already chosen a font to represent their business, selecting a font that is clear and easy to read will allow you to reach potential customers more easily. Some of the most recommended fonts for outdoor signs include the following:

  • Garamond is easy to read and clean, which makes it an ideal choice when the text on your sign is somewhat smaller.
  • Helvetica is a sans-serif font that has achieved increased popularity in recent years. It may be worth checking your area to make sure that this font is not already overused in the local community.
  • Bodoni is a bold font that makes a definite statement about your business and your products or services.
  • For law firms, insurance companies and religious institutions, Trajan offers both gravitas and elegance to create the perfect impression.
  • One of the most readable and simple fonts, Optima can provide a solid alternative to Helvetica in areas where that font is overused.

Your local sign company will often be able to provide recommendations that suit your needs and provide optimal visibility for your outdoor signage project.

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