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What’s your target market? If it’s younger people, it may be time to revamp your Houston outdoor signage. Millennials are taking the workforce by storm and becoming one of the largest groups of consumers that brands are marketing toward. If you need to advertise to millennials, make sure you update your signs with them in mind. We have a few tips for designing signage to attract Generation Y. 

Why Care about Millennials when Designing Houston Outdoor Signage?

crowd of millennials walking on sidewalk
Millennials are a large consumer group that your business may want to target for marketing.

Why should you even think about millennials when creating Houston outdoor signage? Well, they’re the next big thing since the baby boomers! 

Millennials are about one-quarter of the population now, and most of them are in the workforce. Born between 1981 and 1996, they’re all grown up and one of the next big groups brands are looking to target. This economically valuable group is a little bit more difficult to advertise to, but it may be well worth it in the long-term. Creating signage to attract millennials can be a great investment in your company’s future.

They’re a Huge Part of the Consumer Population

We mentioned that millennials account for a pretty large part of the population, which means it’s hard to ignore them as a consumer group. What’s more, experts estimate that they’ll make up about 75% of the workforce by 2030. They’re also parents to about half of children right now. 

So, not only are you competing with other brands for their business, but also maybe their children’s business, depending on the industry you’re in. This is only going to get more important and more competitive. Is your current Houston outdoor signage up to the task? 

They’re Extremely Loyal to Brands they Love

Let’s be real, though, millennials are a little… broke. Many of them are struggling with large amounts of debt and underemployment. So, why would you invest in advertising and outdoor business signs to attract people without a lot of money? 

The thing about millennials is that they’re loyal. They may be careful with their money (and not have a lot to spend), but they’re willing to spend more on quality products and stand by brands they feel connected to. So, each dollar you invest toward advertising to millennials may end up paying out huge over the course of their lifetimes. With the right Houston outdoor signage, you may attract lifelong customers for your business. 

How to Attract Millennials with your Houston Outdoor Signage

Now you know why millennials might be an important market for your business, how do you attract them with your business signs? We have a few tips for you.

Speak to What They Care About

Unlike previous generations, millennials are so used to advertising that traditional methods may not work as well on them. Rather than hard-selling and in-your-face signs, it’s more important to engage with them. That means knowing what they care about. 

Some of the key things that attract this target market is convenience, efficiency, and longevity. If your Houston outdoor signage doesn’t show them why they should care about your products or services, then you’ve already lost the battle. 

Material items are less of a status symbol to this generation. Instead, they’re looking for things that make life easier. If you have a convenience factor to share, such as free order pickup or mobile services, this might be a great thing to put on your signs. 

They’re also looking for value and quality. Most millennials are willing to spend more on things that will last a long time. So, try to convey longevity, durability, and quality through your Houston outdoor signage. 

This group also enjoys retro and nostalgic aesthetics. For example, neon signs may remind them of their childhoods. Therefore, if it fits your brand, you might consider Houston channel letter signs with LED lights that look like neon. This helps you harness that nostalgic look, but in an eco-friendly way, which millennials appreciate.

By contrast, most are also interested in experiences. So, if nostalgia doesn’t fit your business, consider digital Houston marquee signage and change it up often. Posting new messages and displays frequently can quickly become an experience for millennials – they might start looking toward your storefront signs every time they pass by to see what you have to share. 

sketches of typefaces and logos for Houston outdoor signage next to a computer
When designing your Houston outdoor signage, minimalist designs may appeal more to millennials.

Use Simple, Minimalistic, and Attractive Design for your Houston Outdoor Signage

From a visual design perspective, millennials as a group tend to find more minimalistic design appealing. Clean logos, simple typefaces, and bold colors on your Houston outdoor signage may help draw their eye to your sign and their attention to your brand. 

Signs overloaded with too many design elements are not the name of the game if you want to target millennials. Remember, they’ve been advertised to their entire lives, through TV commercials, internet ads, emails, and print, so gimmicks and busy ads will likely just blend into the background for most of them.

Leverage Branding and Consistency

In addition, your branding is especially important to millennial consumers. They want brands who are authentic, engaging, and consistent. So, your Houston outdoor signage needs to convey your brand identity. If your business is fun and quirky, you can’t have outdoor building signs that are corporate and boring. By contrast, if your company’s identity is more professional and sophisticated, you probably want to steer clear of signs that look more eccentric or whimsical. 

The other key part of this is to make sure your brand is consistent across all channels. So, for example, the colors and logo on your Houston outdoor signage should match your website, your printed materials, and your other marketing materials. Mismatched branding can hurt how authentic or trustworthy your company looks to millennials. 

Custom Houston Outdoor Signage for Your Business

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