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Houston Channel Letter Signs – 4D Signworx
Houston channel letter signs are versatile and help you increase your revenue by drawing customers in.

As you drive through the city, you’ll likely notice many Houston channel letter signs. These signs are a popular choice for a wide range of industries. However, why do so many businesses use channel letter signs? These outdoor business signs can help increase your revenue while also offering many unique benefits compared to other types of signs.

How Your Signage Affects Your Revenue

Houston channel letter signs help attract customers to your location, which helps increase your revenue. In fact, 33% of shoppers say they’ve gone into a new store based on what their sign looked like. A high-quality sign that fits your brand helps you gain more customers and increases your profits. By contrast, poor-quality signage can also harm your bottom line. Worn, unprofessional, or incorrect signage can lead to shoppers avoiding your store altogether. About 38.5% of surveyed consumers say that they judge a company based on the quality of its signage. Therefore, you may be losing out on business due to your signs.

Additionally, Houston channel letter signs can help people find your store easily. These signs are easy to read, which makes them perfect for brick-and-mortar stores. Over half of shoppers say they haven’t been able to find a business they were searching for because their signage was difficult to see. By contrast, channel letter signs are highly visible under many different conditions. Therefore, choosing the right signage can make or break your company.

Advantages of Houston Channel Letter Signs for Your Company

In addition to their readability and visibility, channel letter signs also offer some other great advantages. First, Houston channel letter signs are low maintenance and inexpensive. These signs from your Houston custom sign company are durable and made to last. They can withstand many different conditions, like sun, rain, and even strong winds. Also, they are often easy to repair or upgrade, as they typically only need replacement faces for cosmetic issues like color fading or brand updates.

Finally, channel letter signs are versatile and easily customizable. Your outdoor signage can be equipped with lights or no lights, depending on your preferences. Also, these signs offer you the ability to tailor your sign to your brand. For example, if you have an eye-catching logo, you can add it to your channel letter sign. You also have a multitude of color and font options to create signage that is exclusive to your brand. Your Houston custom sign company also offers several installation options for all types of buildings. For example, for leased spaces you may opt for a mounting style that requires fewer holes. Therefore, Houston channel letter signs are great for any business looking to attract customers to their location.

At 4D Signworx, we create custom signs for your company. Every part of the process for your signage is done in-house, from design to fabrication to installation. By cutting out the middleman, we pass savings on to other Houston businesses. Whether you need outdoor signage or Houston wall signs, our experts can help you create effective signage that appeals to your target market. Call us today at (713) 984-2010 to discuss your needs with our team or request a quote. We are here to serve you!