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Attractive signage is essential for advertising your business. With professionally done Houston channel letter signs, you can establish your company’s identity, connect with and engage new customers, set yourself apart from the competition, and instill a sense of brand loyalty in your customers. 

Houston channel letter signs saying "burgers" for restaurant
Houston channel letter signs are an eye-catching signage option for your business.

With different types of channel letters, you can achieve this by passing across additional brand messages. These letter signs stand out to help attract attention to your business. Having channel letter signs on display is an excellent way to promote your brand and reputation. 

Using Houston Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs can potentially attract thousands of regular and prospective customers and motivate them to check out your store. They also help market your brand through repeat impressions, unlike older advertising methods such as TV and radio.  

Even better is that Houston channel letter signs are more effective than traditional media signage, so you can consistently market your business at a fraction of the cost. That’s why nearly every industry, from retail to health to secular entertainment, uses this type of signage inside and outside their premises. Also, there’s little to no maintenance involved in working with Houston channel letters. 

Different channel letter signs have different prices depending on the materials used.  However, the prices are generally quite affordable.  It’s always advisable to work with reputable Houston sign companies for excellent results.  

Different Types Of Houston Channel Letter Signs 

There are several types of channel letters out there, and as a business owner, you need to familiarize yourself with them. The most significant difference among them is the type of illumination.  Landlord criteria and local signage regulations are other crucial factors, especially regarding size, projection, and definition.  That said, here are some of the channel letter signs you might use for your Houston business.

Unlit Houston Channel Letter Signs

Unlit channel letter signs don’t use illumination. They’re highly durable and not susceptible to weather elements. The unlit channel letter sign is of the same high quality as the box light sign.

Unlit channel letter signs combine two different colors joined at the front and side to create a unique character with better contrast and visibility. There are many different colors to choose from for this signage and they can be mounted on most surfaces. 

Standard Front-lit Channel Letters

The front-lit or standard channel letter is the most common channel letter sign in Houston. This type of signage is usually made of aluminum on the back and sides. They are typically equipped with internal LED lights for sign illumination. Standard channel letters also feature trim caps made of plastic or aluminum, which hold the sign face in place. The sign face is made of colored acrylic typically mirroring your brand’s colors.

If your logo features multiple different colors, generally we use a clear acrylic face. Then, we apply a translucent vinyl with your logo printed on the front to customize the sign to your business.

Front And Back Lit Letters

When you combine Houston channel letter signs with front and back lighting, the result is a vibrant front and backlit channel letters sign. These channel letter signs are usually illuminated at the front and back for added visibility. They’re highly versatile and add color by combining translucent vinyl with the face of the letters. 

As three-dimensional signage, the front and backlit channel letters provide intense illumination with a halo effect. This is the reason it’s popular.

These signs also use acrylic faces and aluminum returns. However, the back of the letters use clear acrylic to allow light to shine through the back as well while keeping birds and other pests out of the letters. If designed professionally, front and back lit letters provide a dramatic effect.

Halo-lit Letters

Halo-lit letters, also known as reverse lit channel letters, feature aluminum faces with the returns spaced away from the wall or raceway. This way, the internal LED lights shine toward the back and make each letter glow with a halo effect. This is unlike standard channel letters, which light only the face of every letter. Halo-lit letters are mainly used on sign projects with a more sophisticated or luxurious brand image.

Open Face Lit Channel Letters

Open face Houston channel letter signs are similar to standard channel letters. The only difference is that open-face lit letters are clear acrylic. This makes the letter’s internal lighting element clearly visible. Previously, neon was the preferred lighting for open-face channel letter signs. However, LED is a much more popular option today for illuminating Houston outdoor signs. LEDs are more more efficient, longer-lasting, and still provide an attractive option for your illuminated sign.

Quality Signage Solutions at 4D Signworx

Quality channel letter signs can serve you for a long time. It’s essential to work with a signage contractor with experience. If you have a signage project coming up in Houston, choose our team at 4D Signworx. We’ve been providing sign solutions for businesses since 1968 and are confident we can help you design, manufacture, and install signs that improve your business. Contact us today to get a free quote!