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Increasing the visibility of your business is critical for your success in the competitive marketplace. Investing in Houston LED signs can provide you with much-needed marketing power that can attract more traffic to your brick-and-mortar locations. LED signs offer significant advantages over comparable neon signs. Here are some of the most important benefits of LED signage over neon for your business.

Less Risk of Breakage

Neon tubes are made of glass that can break easily. By contrast, LED displays are highly resistant to impacts, making them a better choice for Houston outdoor signs and advertising applications. The greater durability of LED installations can prove useful in restaurants and entertainment facilities as well.

Increased Brightness

LED displays are significantly brighter than neon signs. This can allow your signage to be seen at a greater distance and can boost the effectiveness of your advertising and increase the visibility of your signage and business for potential customers.

Reduced Cost

LED signs typically cost less than neon signs of comparable size, allowing companies on tight marketing budgets to afford these signage options more easily. Additionally, LED signs can often be reprogrammed to display up-to-date messages. Neon signs are limited to their original message and must be replaced rather than changed.

Lower Energy Consumption

One of the biggest selling points for LED lighting and signage versus neon is the lower consumption of electricity. LED lighting uses 24 volts while neon lighting uses 15,000 volts. Neon signs can be 70% more expensive to operate over the course of a typical year.

Environmentally Friendly

The gases that produce neon light must be periodically recharged at considerable expense to your company. Worse yet, the gases used in these tubes can be toxic to the environment. LED lights are green-friendly and require little or no ongoing maintenance to look their best year after year.

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