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The size of your exterior signs can make a difference for your business. Consider the size of your Houston custom signs carefully for the best outcomes.

When designing your Houston custom signs, you’ll have to decide on the right size. A sign that is too large may look awkward on your building or be an obstruction. By contrast, a sign that is too small simply won’t grab attention. Therefore, part of designing the best Houston custom signs for your business is choosing the correct size. Your Houston outdoor signage technician can help you decide on a size that is suitable for your needs. However, here are some tips for your planning process.

What Influences How Big Your Houston Custom Signs Should Be?

The bigger Houston custom signs the better right? Not necessarily. Your signage shouldn’t block the light inside your building, nor should it prevent potential customers from seeing your building. However, it also needs to be large enough to catch the eye. To choose the right size for your Houston custom signs, you should find the right location for your sign. Once you decide on the perfect place, then you can determine the right size for your sign. For example, a sign close to the road will likely need to be bigger than one on your front door.

Additionally, you should think about where people will be and what they’ll be doing when reading your sign. Do you have more foot traffic or vehicle traffic near your location? If you want more drivers to pay attention to your sign, then you’ll need a sign big enough for them to see from the road. Also, you’ll need to grab their attention while they’re operating their vehicle, so quick and easy readability is crucial for your Houston custom signs.  

Finally, you’ll also have to consider your budget when sizing your signage. Generally speaking, the larger the sign, the more expensive it is. However, your Houston outdoor signage company offers a wide range of cost-effective signage options. Therefore, be sure to factor in your budget, but also consider how your sign will help increase your revenue.

Designing Your Signage

Once you’ve decided on the location, where your customers will be, and your budget for your Houston custom signs, next you’ll need to find the right design. While more information might seem like a good idea, less is usually more in this situation. On average, Americans read about four words per second while resting. Therefore, if your potential customers are driving, biking, or walking, they will likely read fewer than four words per second. So, choose a brief enough message for your sign so people can absorb the information you’re giving them.

Additionally, you’ll need to choose the size of the font you want on your signs. Your Houston outdoor signage company can help guide you through this process. However, generally your text needs to be about one inch high for each ten feet that your reader will be away from your sign. So, if your readers will be 30 feet away, your font needs to be three inches high. Keeping all of this in mind will help you design a sign that will build awareness for your business.

At 4D Signworx, we’ve been making signs since 1968. Therefore, we have the experience you need for your signage. We design, manufacture, and install a wide variety of signs, including Houston lighted signs, to help your business succeed. Call us today at (713) 984-2010 to learn more or to request a quote. We are here to serve you.