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Houston Outdoor SignageResidents of the Southampton, New York, area are up in arms over a series of giant billboards being installed by the Shinnecock Indian Nation on land belonging to this tribe. Authorities outside the tribe are not able to block the installation of these 60-foot tall billboards. However, they are being criticized as eyesores that are contrary to the atmosphere of Southampton. Tribal officials are unwilling to stop their installations due to the potential income these advertising platforms will provide for members of the Shinnecock Indian Nation. If you’re considering Houston outdoor signage, this story sheds light on what not to do when installing new business signs.

Making the Right Impression

One of the objections raised in the case of the Southampton billboards was the impression these large installations would make on those arriving in Southampton. The billboards were oversized and did not harmonize with the general outdoor atmosphere. The signs were also not cohesive with other advertising signage in the area. To make the best possible impact on your potential clients, it is a good idea to consider the other signs and interests in your area.

Balancing Competing Interests

Most businesses do not operate in isolated areas. Your Houston outdoor signage should comply with local and state regulations. Your signs should also present a harmonious appearance in relation to other signs and businesses in the area. Signs that are too big or too bright can cause issues with other companies in your vicinity. Choose Houston wall signs and exterior signs that match the general aesthetic of your area. Doing so, you can ensure a positive response from potential customers and other companies operating in your locale.

Staying Within Legal Limits

Make sure your signs are constructed to the highest standards of quality and in compliance with all applicable regulations. This is essential to protect your investment. In most cases, your Houston sign company will provide you with guidance and advice to ensure that your signs meet the requirements set forth in your community.

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