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Houston Channel Letter SignsFinding the right signage solutions for clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities can be challenging. State and federal regulations require certain signs to be prominently displayed in public areas or where risks to patient health may be present. Along with Houston channel letter signs that reflect your facility name and logo, you should also install other signage to comply with regulations. These signs provide added help for your patients and guests to your hospital or clinic. 

Outdoor Signs for Added Visibility

Emergency rooms and entrances to your facility can be clearly marked with Houston channel letter signs or LED lighting solutions that will improve visibility. Your Houston custom signs can help those in need to find the fastest way inside your facility. This is especially important for facilities that offer emergency or urgent care for patients. When time is of the essence, easy to read outdoor signs are essential.

Interior Signage Requirements

Hospitals must post notices of compliance with the requirements of various regulation acts. These regulations include the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Medicare and Medicaid and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Along with these notices, your health care facility can often provide added help by installing clear and easy-to-read Houston wall signs. These signs assist with the location of various departments within the facility. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable sign company can help you construct effective indoor signage for your entire facility.

The Value of Quality Signage

By creating consistent and highly visible signage, patients can find the services they need more easily. Direction signs and informative diagrams can also help with navigating complicated buildings.

At 4D Signworx, we can design and install Houston channel letter signs, LED signs and many other signage options for your health care organization. We work with facilities throughout our area to ensure that clear information is provided for their occupants. With over 50 years of experience in the Houston sign industry, 4D Signworx is a practical choice for your facility. Call us today at 713-984-2010 to request a quote or to set up a consultation with us. Our team is committed to your health care facility’s success.