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Multi Tennant signThe success of your signage project depends on the visibility it brings to your business. Making the right choices about size, font and overall design will allow you to derive maximum benefit from your investment and will ensure the best results for your company. When designing Houston channel letter signs and other exterior signage, consider a few important points for your desired results.

The Size of Your Letters

The letters that make up your Houston wall signs and other signage must be large enough to be read comfortably at a distance. The height of your letters in inches usually corresponds to the number of feet at which your sign can be seen clearly. For example, one-inch-high letters can generally be seen clearly at a distance of 10 feet. In a similar way, 10-inch-high letters are visible to most people at about 100 feet. Choosing letters that are large enough to be seen at a reasonable distance can help you get the most practical use from these signs in our area.

Your Choice of Font

Choosing a font that is clearly legible is essential to deliver your message effectively inside or outside your building. A Houston channel letter signs company can provide you with expert guidance on the font choices that will provide optimal visibility for your Houston business.

The Illumination of Your Signs

Your Houston LED signs will provide valuable visibility for your company. The powerful illumination provided by these signs can extend the reach of your exterior signs to a considerable degree. LEDs can also be used indoors to provide brilliant, cost-effective lighting without the added heat of traditional lighting. Working with a professional sign company is the best way to determine the perfect LED signage solution for your business.

Color Choices for Letter Signs

Brilliant colors and contrasts often ensures that your Houston channel letter signs achieve visibility and attract attention from potential customers. Your Houston signage design team can help you integrate your company’s branding materials into your signs. This provides you with much greater exposure to potential customers and improves recognition for your company‚Äôs name and logo.

At 4D Signworx, we work to create highly visible and attractive signs for indoor or outdoor use. Our sign technicians can provide you with monument signs, programmable LED signage and many other choices designed with your needs in mind. Give us a call at 713-984-2010 to request a quote for your signs. We look forward to the chance to serve you.