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Include new Houston channel letter signs in your rebranding budget.

If you’re considering a rebranding for your company, thinking about your Houston channel letter signs throughout the process may help you implement your new brand identity. Exterior signs are some of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. Your brand identity should show off your company’s personality to help inspire customer loyalty, have great design and graphic elements to improve identification, and also appeal to your target market. Your Houston channel letter signs can help you show all of this off for the boost you need from your rebranding.

Why might you need to rebrand? There are many different reasons. For example, perhaps you went through a recent acquisition, or you are trying to reach new markets. Maybe you have a brand new technology that is going to change your industry forever. Your business may also need to move past something negative. Whatever the case, signage can be a vital tool for rebranding success. Whether your goal is to create a new look with a design facelift, send a new message to your customer base, or are taking a completely new business approach entirely, keep signage in your mind during your rebranding efforts.

On-Premises Houston Channel Letter Signs Help Give Visibility to Your New Brand Identity

If you currently have Houston channel letter signs, then you will probably need to update them after you’ve finalized your new brand identity. In fact, one study showed that a significant change in one boutique’s signage made a huge impact. After a signage update with stark differences from their old signs, the boutique noticed between ten and fifteen percent higher customer counts. Therefore, when you’re considering your rebranding strategy, make sure you also take full advantage of what a change in signage can offer your business. Consider changing brand font and colors to help your Houston channel letter signs stand out even more. In addition, if you have a different type of signage, this may be the most opportune time to switch to channel letters for effective, low-maintenance Houston custom signs

On-premises signage is one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal. Houston channel letter signs are a form of 24/7 marketing. They can quickly pay for themselves in increased sales. In fact, on-premises exterior signs attract more customers than even good word-of-mouth. 

Why Houston Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters are particularly effective for businesses. First, they are easy to see and read, as each letter is separate and distinct from all the others. Readability is one of the most important design factors when it comes to signage. Channel letters make it that much easier to design signage that will attract your customers’ attention and communicate your important message. 

In addition, channel letter Houston custom signs are a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for many businesses. Channel letters are made out of durable materials like aluminum and acrylic. This means they are long-lasting. They also generally require less maintenance compared to many other types of signage. For example, you may need to replace channel letter faces after a few years or clean your signs seasonally, but they are generally a long-lasting signage option. This means less money spent on repairs and frequent replacements. 

Houston channel letter signs also often use LED lights. LEDs are bright, energy-efficient, and long-lived. Illuminating your signage is a great way to advertise your business both day and night and increase visibility for your brand. However, many types of lights can become a nuisance between frequent bulb changes, high energy costs, and lackluster results. Instead, LED lights in channel letters are the perfect option. 

LED lights are much brighter than many types of illumination. For example, neon. This means that people can clearly read your signs much better with LED lights. Also, LEDs can help save you money for keeping the lights in your Houston channel letter signs on. LED bulbs save approximately 75% of energy consumption and last about 25 times longer compared to incandescent lights. This means less bulb replacement for your signage and less hassle and expense for your business.

How to Rebrand with Signage

When rebranding, you likely have a total budget in mind. You should also include signage in your budget. However, we understand that sometimes your business may face budget constraints that make it difficult to rebrand all signage at one time. Therefore, if you’re facing this issue, you will need to prioritize which signage is most valuable for your rebrand. Exterior Houston channel letter signs should be at the top of that list. They are generally the biggest, brightest, and most effective type of signs for your business. 

As you rebrand, make a signage replacement strategy to help you manage efforts and costs associated with rebranding. You likely acquired each sign in your business over time, not all at once. It’s okay to do the same thing after a rebrand. Therefore, start with the most effective and important signs for your business and then work toward the somewhat less important signs. 

Houston Custom Signs Inside and Out for Cohesion

However, even if you are trying to do a more gradual signage replacement, keep in mind that your brand should be consistent. In some cases, this may mean doing without a couple of signs until you can replace them with the new message. It simply won’t help instill confidence in your brand if your exterior signs have a completely different logo from your Houston wall signs. Make sure your rebranding efforts touch every marketing channel you are in. Otherwise, rebranding may be less effective than you hope. 

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