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Pylon Houston custom signs are easily visible from a distance. 

Pylon Houston custom signs are the perfect signage option for many businesses. Pylon signs, also called pole signs, sit on top of one or two tall poles and are generally quite tall. Additionally, you can add lighting to your pylon signs to ensure consumers see your signs day or night. In addition, pylon Houston custom signs also offer many other advantages to businesses. Learn more about pylon signs to see if they might be right for your company.

Pylon Houston Custom Signs are Cost-Effective

One major advantage to pylon signs is how cost-effective they are. Fabricating and installing your pylon Houston custom signs is quite affordable, depending on your design and what you choose for materials. Also, they require little maintenance and are long-lasting. Therefore, compared to some other signage options, you will likely need fewer repairs and replacements for pylon Houston outdoor signs.

Improve Your Brand’s Visibility with Pylon Houston Outdoor Signs

Also, pylon Houston custom signs are easy to spot from a distance. Generally speaking, the higher your sign, the farther away people can see it. Many businesses use pylon signs for highway advertisement, as drivers on nearby roads can easily see their signage. However, it’s important to note that you still need to keep design elements like font and size in mind for your pylon signs. Though they are highly visible, you need to ensure your design is easy to read.

Additionally, many businesses make their signs out of lightbox cabinets to ensure nighttime visibility. For this option, your sign company will install electrical wiring and components inside the foundation of your pylon sign. Therefore, you’ll want to work with signage specialists for installation to ensure your illuminated pylon sign works properly.

Design Options for Pylon Houston Custom Signs

Another great advantage to pylon Houston outdoor signs is that they offer versatile design options. These signs can be made of nearly anything, which means you can choose from a wide range of materials and colors. If you choose to add lighting to your pylon sign, you can also pick a light color that best represents your brand.

In addition, you can also design the poles of your pylon signs. Many businesses choose to make the poles of their pylon signs match the exterior of their building. Others, however, get more creative to make the poles stand out and also fit their brand. For example, a floral shop might choose to have the poles of their pylon signs look like flowers. Therefore, if you’re looking for a highly customizable and visible sign for your business, pylon signage might be right for you.

Types of Pylon Signs

There are a few different types of pylon signs that may work for your business. For example, you can choose between having single-sided or double-sided Houston custom signs. If you’re located on a one-way street, it may make the most sense to have a single-sided sign. However, in most cases, double-sided signs offer better visibility, as you can catch both directions of traffic. In addition, there are multiple types of mounts you can choose for your pylon signs.

Single Pole Mount

As the name suggests, single pole mount pylon signs use just one pole to support your signage. This type of pylon sign is classic and often less expensive than other types of mounts. Generally, these types of Houston custom signs are used for heights between 25 and 40 feet. However, depending on the materials and construction, they can often stand much taller.

Twin Pole Mount

By contrast, twin pole mount pylon signs use two poles on either side of your signage. The additional pole offers extra strength and stability. This makes them great for supporting larger or heavier signs. For example, if you’re planning to have a large sign with electrical components for lighting, we may recommend a twin pole mount for extra support and durability.

Covered Pole Mount

In addition, both single and twin pole mount signs can become covered pole mount. Essentially, covered pole mount pylon signs are any signs that use coverings to change the look of the metal poles. As mentioned above, you might try to incorporate elements that match your business. Many businesses also choose to cover their poles with veneer that looks like brick or stone. This is often why some people confuse masonry signs for pylon signs. The rule of thumb is that masonry signs usually aren’t taller than the average adult, while pylon signs usually stand at ten feet tall or higher.

Other Considerations for Your Pylon Signage

In addition to choosing the right type and design for your pylon signs, you will also need to choose the right experts for your signs. An experienced sign company can help guide you through all the codes that apply to your business signage. For example, in Houston, most signs can’t stand any higher than 42 ½ feet tall. However, there may be additional height restrictions depending on where you’re located. If you’re near a residential area, your sign may need to be shorter. We’ll help you design your signage within code and can also help with permitting.

Also, the law requires professional signage installation for many types of signs, including pylon signs. This is to help ensure safety during and after installation for your business, staff, customers, and passersby. Turnkey signage installation is the perfect way to go for a no-hassle experience. Our team can remove your old sign, install the new one, and also perform necessary maintenance to help you protect your investment.

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