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people using spray paint to vandalize Houston custom signs
Protect your Houston custom signs from graffiti and vandalism.

Outdoor Houston custom signs, especially if not well-protected, are vulnerable to vandalism. In today’s world, vandalism is all too rampant, and outdoor digital signage screens are a tempting target.

Since the design and setup expenses are typically low and the finished product is visually appealing, most organizations and businesses opt for outdoor custom signs. Unfortunately, vandals regard this type of signage as an open invitation to engage in malicious activity. Some break the glass that shields the text, paint the protective layer, or inflict any number of harmful acts on unprotected outdoor signs.

If you’re not careful, this can lead to more frequent cleaning, restorations, or replacement. However, there are methods to help you deter vandalism and make cleaning and maintaining your signage easier. 

6 Tips to Preventing Vandalism on Your Houston Custom Signs

Signage vandalism can be agonizing and extremely costly. Luckily, there are several ways to protect your Houston custom signs from unwanted attention and deliberate damage. Some of the most effective ways to prevent vandalism on your business signs include:

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

There are three categories of anti-graffiti coatings. The first, sacrificial coatings, sit on top of your Houston custom signs. If someone vandalizes the sign, then you remove the coating and replace it with a fresh coating after a quick cleaning session for your sign.

Semi-sacrificial coatings act as a safety barrier that also functions as a penetrating sealer on the surface it’s applied to, effectively protecting the surface. When a graffiti artist tags the surface, you can remove the graffiti and coating off the surface using a graffiti removal solvent and a high-pressure washer. Like sacrificial coatings, this type of coating needs replacement after vandalism. 

The other technique is permanent coating. Although expensive, this is the most effective vandalism protection for graffiti. Permanent coatings cover a sign with a protective layer that prevents spray paint from adhering to it. To remove graffiti tags, all you need is a solvent (toluene is a good option), a rag, and some elbow grease. The underlying surface of the sign and the protective permanent coating withstand graffiti removal. This is a suitable alternative for more lasting, long-term vinyl signs.

Sufficient Illumination for Houston Custom Signs

Graffiti vandals want high visibility after leaving the crime scene, not while they’re at it. To deter graffiti, ensure the susceptible areas around your outdoor signs are adequately illuminated such that nighttime visibility is comparable to daytime brightness. Just keep in mind that lights should be in difficult-to-reach areas and also made of vandalism-resistant materials for best results.

Consider installing some motion-sensitive lights to save costs. These lights alert authorities when someone is around, but they also switch off, obstructing graffiti artists’ work in the absence of guards.

Shatterproof Glass

With digital outdoor signs, the screen is the most sensitive part and also the biggest concern if damaged. Anti-vandal screens are impenetrable. Some are even tested against low-velocity gunfire for maximum resistance. You can encase your outdoor Houston custom sign to ensure it is resistant to blunt force impact or other means of penetration.

Shatterproof screens will not only safeguard your outdoor signs from vandalism but will also shield you from any injury claims due to broken screens. Because shatterproof screens do not shatter, there is little risk of damage from broken glass. They can thwart even the most determined vandal.

Incorporating a Surveillance System for Your Houston Custom Signs

Consider adding surveillance equipment that monitors your outdoor custom signs to keep them safe. There are many solutions available, so you may choose a low-cost system for just-in-case monitoring or a more premium system that allows you to record activity on an ongoing basis. In any case, if you’re concerned about vandalism, surveillance systems might be the best way to go about it.

A camera that transforms the signage into a CCTV device is one unique technique being used in some digital signage systems. When the inbuilt sensor senses a large impact, the camera turns on. This has the effect of scaring away would-be attackers. It also helps identify vandals after the fact so you can turn them over to police.

Steel LCD Enclosures

There are two forms of steel LCD enclosures to protect your signage; Mild steel and stainless steel LCD enclosures.

A standard LCD enclosure uses powder coated mild steel to provide a long-lasting finish. These enclosures protect your outdoor signage displays from the elements, vandalism, and theft.

You can affix them on a wall, stand, or suspended from rooftops or ceilings. Also, they can protect displays as small as 19 inches and as large as 85 inches or larger. 

Stainless steel LCD enclosures use food-grade stainless steel, which is naturally antibacterial. Compared to mild steel enclosures, stainless steel enclosures are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for safeguarding signs mounted in humid areas like Greater Houston.

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