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Houston outdoor signageMonument signs are beautiful additions to your property. As you plan your Houston outdoor signage, make sure to look at options for the base of your sign. When creating your custom sign, there are several different materials you can use for the base. Take into account the look you want, your budget, and the surrounding areas to help you choose the type of material you will use for your Houston outdoor signs. There are a few common masonry options for your signs to consider.


Stone is an elegant masonry option for your monument sign. It is strong and can bear the weight of large Houston outdoor signage. In addition, you can customize the look of your base by using different stone layouts. For example, you can cut the stone to resemble bricks, or leave them in irregular shapes to get completely different style from the same material. Though stone is typically a more expensive material, it lasts a long time. Therefore, you will get a long life out of this masonry option.


Concrete is another common base material for Houston outdoor signage. Like stone and brick, it is sturdy and durable. If your sign is very heavy, it may be best to pour a concrete foundation for your sign. Since concrete doesn’t fade and can tolerate a variety of weather conditions, there is little maintenance to do for this type of base.


Finally, foam, or EPS, is another option for your Houston outdoor signs. This option is more cost-effective than stone or concrete. Also, because it is impact resistant, it can be a safer choice for signs close to roads. It is a synthetic material that can be fashioned after materials like stone or brick. Because of this, you can still get the look you want while staying within your budget.   

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