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Church- the place that, to some, divides us between the saints and the sinners. Every church wants to boost their congregation, but we’re in Texas where there’s seemingly a church on every corner. How can one church rise to the occasion and gain more followers? Marketing, of course! We know what you’re thinking- you can market a church? Why not?! You market a business and even yourself, so why not your place of worship? These 5 smart marketing moves are sure to boost attendance in more ways than Houston marquee signs for your church(although that’s our personal favorite).

Let’s Get Technical

Welcome to the 21st century in which everyone uses the internet for basically everything. We hate to say that you should jump off the cliff because everyone else is doing it, but this form of marketing has some serious benefits. For starters, it’s super cheap to market this way. Set up a website and a social media page yourself and spread the word about your religious institution to those within a certain radius. Social media sites, such as Facebook, have cheap ways to ‘sponsor’ posts that will show up to a set group of people in the area. It’s so easy that virtually anyone could do it. Even a website is a simple way to get your church’s name out there. There are many sites who offer easy peasy website outlines in which you basically throw a little info about your congregation on the website and you’re good to go. Not bad for a rookie!

Print it Up!

Know of a local magazine or newspaper in the area? Why not take out an ad feature for your church? Surprisingly, many residents enjoy browsing through their local publications for new ‘happenings’ in the area. It’s generally not too much money to have a little blip printed up and you’d be amazed as to how many people will see this advertisement. Make it fun and make it attention-grabbing in order to grab a reader’s eye.

Another Cheap Printing Idea…

Houston Marquee SignsBe sure to research local laws before trying out this type of marketing, but flyers or mailers may be a good idea. Whether you leave the flyer on their door or in their mailbox, there’s no way that the homeowner WON’T see what your church is offering. Whatever you decide, just be sure to secure the flyer to ensure it doesn’t fly off. You don’t want to be the litterbug in the community- that won’t make people want to join your church.

Make it a Personal Job

Your current congregants enjoy your church, otherwise, they wouldn’t be members! With this being said, ask your current church family to spread the word about the lovely church that they’re a member of (AKA your church). Assuming that they take pride in the services that they attend, why wouldn’t they want friends and family to join them in the experience? This is a win-win for your church and its congregants.

Our Personal Favorite- Signage Marketing

Signage was around long before marketing was known as marketing. In fact, it’s one of the earliest forms of marketing. The reason it’s still a form of marketing to this day is because it’s just so effective when it comes to getting people’s attention. Houston marquee signs are a wonderful way to help to get church events out to the public. Throw some fancy LED lighting on your sign and you’ve got yourself an eye-catcher during the day or late at night.

These tips work regardless of whether you’re running a church or a local business. The important point of this guide is to get creative with your marketing campaign within the area. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or high-tech and simple Houston marquee signs are a fantastic way to meet both criteria. If you’re in the market for a sign of any type, you know who to call!