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Wall SignInstalling the right sign options in your lobby can provide added information for customers and clients while showcasing your company and your services. Houston sign companies can provide you with a wide range of sign options for your lobby that can help you make the most positive impression on visitors to your commercial establishments. Here are some key points to consider when getting a lobby sign designed for your business.

Identifying Your Company

Your lobby sign can let your customers and clients know that they have arrived at the right place. This can provide visitors to your company with greater confidence when making their first trip to your offices. By maintaining consistent fonts and logo designs for your lobby signs, you can boost your company’s name recognition and reinforce your corporate branding for everyone who enters your lobby.

Making an Impact

The size of your Houston custom signs can make a significant difference in the impression these displays make on your potential customers:

  • A sign that is too large can be overwhelming and could overshadow your company’s public image for those who visit your business premises.
  • Signs that are too small can go unnoticed and could prevent your clients from finding your offices.

Choosing lobby signs that are the right size for your lobby and offer solid visibility for visitors can help you achieve the most positive responses from customers, partners and guests to your Houston business.

Choosing the Right Lighting

Depending on the type of signage you want, Houston LED signs may be the right choice for your lobby. These innovative choices can be designed to display a wide array of colors and to reflect your corporate aesthetics perfectly, allowing you to make the most positive impression on visitors to your retail locations or office space.

Putting It All Together

Houston sign companies can often provide you with practical tips on designing your lobby signs for optimal visibility and attractive appearance. By consulting with these experienced professionals when planning your next signage project, you can make the most appropriate choices for your company’s needs and your budgetary requirements.

At 4D Signworx, we take pride in offering the most comprehensive and practical choices for your indoor and outdoor signs. We have 50 plus years of experience in providing Houston companies and organizations with the signs they need to increase visibility and to achieve a higher degree of success. To learn more about our full lineup of monument signs, LED signs and interior signage, give us a call today at 713-984-2010. We look forward to providing the best Houston custom signs for your business.