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informational Houston wall signs for retail returns
Informational Houston wall signs help give people inside your building necessary information.

Practically every business has signs to help with advertising. When you think of business signs, you might think of exterior signs that attract people to your business. These are a must for most companies. However, it’s also important to consider your interior signs. Many companies neglect their informational Houston wall signs, which is a big mistake! These indoor signs help with many things, from telling people about upcoming sales or events to helping them find their way through your facility.

What are Informational Houston Wall Signs?

Informational signs provide important information to people inside your building. In most cases, businesses use Houston wall signs for informational signage. There are many different types of informational signs, and each type has an important role in your facility. In most cases, you want informational signs to match your company’s culture and brand. Therefore, you want a company that specializes in Houston custom signs to help design your informational signage. 

Informational business signs enhance customer and employee experience. There are many things you need people in your building to know! Without proper signage, your employees may be tasked with relaying important information over and over again. Therefore, a good way to tell if your informational signage is effective is to ask your employees. They are likely the ones answering people’s questions each day.

You might find that your staff constantly must direct people to where your restrooms are, which items are on sale, or how late you are open. Having to ask employees this basic information can be frustrating to your customers and create a negative experience. For your employees, it can also be an inefficient use of their time. Therefore, you absolutely need good informational signage in your building. 

Unfortunately, many business owners overlook the need for good informational Houston wall signs. It’s tempting to focus your attention on exterior advertising signage to draw people in. However, you also want to make sure those customers stick around and have a great experience inside. Interior informational signs can help with that.

Types of Informational Houston Wall Signs 

There are many different types of informational signs you need in your building, including: 

  • Wayfinding signs
  • Branding and advertising signs
  • ADA signs
  • Business information signs
  • Amenity signs

Each of these types of signs has value for your customers and employees. Let’s discuss each type in more depth to understand why they are important.

Wayfinding Houston Wall Signs

Wayfinding signs are exactly what they sound like. These signs help people find their way through your building. Wayfinding signage must be designed with care. The line between helpful and confusing when it comes to wayfinding signs is very fine, and many facilities unfortunately miss the mark. 

Wayfinding signage includes many different types of signs to help visitors navigate your facilities. These signs may look different based not only on your industry and facility, but also your company’s brand and culture. Of course, some of your wayfinding signage will need to follow certain guidelines based on the American Disabilities Act, which we will discuss a little later. However, other wayfinding signs are best customized to your business to create a cohesive experience for everyone inside your building. 

Junction signage is incredibly helpful if you don’t have an open floor plan. These are Houston wall signs at each “intersection” in your building explaining where each path will lead you. For instance, go left to find the customer service department or go right to find the sales department. 

Department signage may also be helpful for wayfinding in your facility. If visitors to your facility just find desks of people or shelves of products, how do they know they are in the right area? Department signage may read the name of a department of your company or it might read a category of your products. These signs can help people know they are in the correct place before they look for the specific item or person they need. 

Branding and Advertising Houston Custom Signs

Another type of informational signage to include in your building is advertising and branding signs. These are things like signs with your company’s name and logo, your mission statement, and any other marketing materials. Branding and advertising Houston custom signs help reinforce your company’s brand and culture to both customers and employees. They also help liven up your space. Some of these Houston wall signs are likely permanent, like your logo and business name. Others may be more temporary, such as signs that advertise a new product or an upcoming sale. You might use anything from vinyl banners for temporary signs to wall graphics for more permanent signs to help with branding and advertising inside your building.

ADA Houston Wall Signs

All public buildings must comply with standards from the American Disabilities Act (ADA), which includes standards for certain types of signage. For instance, every room with a permanent use must be labelled using a door plaque. There are many rules for these door plaques, such as using high contrast colors, easy to read fonts, and including braille for the visually impaired. These must also be installed at a certain distance from the door and the floor to ensure each facility is the same to make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate public spaces. Not having these signs or even not following the design standards exactly can result in lawsuits, fines, and other serious consequences. Therefore, you want to work with experts that have extensive knowledge to create these Houston wall signs for your company.

Business Information Houston Wall Signs

Let’s not forget signs that convey necessary business information. For instance, what days are you open? What are your hours of operation? What is your phone number? Do you offer amenities like free Wi-Fi? If you’re a restaurant, what is on your menu? This is important information your customers want to know! Most business owners include this information on the front door, but it may also make sense to place this information on signs throughout your facility. 

For instance, if a customer notices you have free Wi-Fi as they walk in, this is great to know. However, if you put sign in information right on the door, this is likely inconvenient for them. In most cases, they will likely want to sign into free Wi-Fi after they have sat down, so it may make sense to install wall signs with the Wi-Fi information throughout seating areas. This is just one example of how information signage inside can help improve the customer experience.

A Note About Informational Signage Placement in Your Business

Having informational signage is important, but it’s also necessary to consider where to put these signs. Many Houston sign companies offer little to no guidance on sign placement, which can lead to information overload. You don’t want to clutter up one wall with all the informational signs you have for your business. You want to ensure you give people the information they need at each step of the way. 

Take our example above of providing Wi-Fi sign in information where they are most likely to try to use the internet. If you place the signs in the wrong place, people may need to leave to locate the sign with the information they need. This can be frustrating! Instead, you want to make sure you place necessary signage at decision points. In the case of wayfinding signs, this might be where they can either turn left or right. In retail environments, it may be near items that are on sale or by your most popular items. Whatever the case, consider the best place for the sign and consult our sign experts for help with sign placement.

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