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Houston marquee signage that reads "Have a great day"
Houston marquee signage allows you to change the message for your company’s signs.

Houston marquee signage is a great way to advertise your business. Marquee signs offer unparalleled versatility when it comes to business signs and may be the perfect signage option for your company. The important thing is to understand how to use these signs effectively to grow your business. In this article, we will explain what marquee business signs are, their benefits, and some strategies for marquee sign content. 

What is Houston Marquee Signage?

Marquee signs are typically outdoor, on-premises signs that help advertise your business. In most cases, your marquee sign will have a permanent element with your company’s name, logo, and other important branding information. Then, there will be an area with changeable letters so you can create your own message and change it whenever you would like. Marquee signs started as signs for theaters, as they allowed owners to change the names of the shows or movies playing at the time. Today, marquee signs are an incredibly popular signage option for all types of businesses. You can find marquee signs at retail stores, restaurants, churches, schools, and many other establishments. Modern marquee signs can be digital, using LED lights to display your message, or can be manual using physical letters that you can place on the sign to create your message.

Why Use Houston Marquee Signage for Your Business

Marquee signs offer many advantages for businesses of all types. These signs are versatile and allow you to change your sign at any given time. They can help draw attention to your business and communicate important information to your customers. Also, having a fresh, updated message every day or week offers a great competitive advantage, as many other businesses use signs that have just one display. If you have the time and talent to maintain new messages for your marquee signs, you may just grab the attention of more customers and create loyalty to your business.

Strategies for Houston Marquee Signage Messaging

If you’re considering installing marquee signs for your business, you will need to have a solid strategy in place for your messaging. These signs are ideal for changing content, which is great for versatility, but does need some thought behind it. You want to put up messages that fit your business and brand while also appealing to your target customers. This looks different for every business, but we do have a few tips to help you get started.

Make Time to Update Houston Marquee Signage

One of the first things to consider about your strategy is keeping your messaging fresh. This takes a little dedication. Whether you have digital Houston marquee signage or more traditional options, you will need a little time to update your signs on a regular basis. This is important, as you don’t want to be that business who still has a “Happy Holidays” message up in March. Keeping your sign updated is essential for advertising your business through marquee signs. Even if you simply change your message to “Thank you for your business,” when you’re out of ideas, it’s better to change and update your messaging frequently than leave an outdated message up. 

Communicate Business Changes or Events

This may go without saying, but one of the beauties of marquee signage is that you can use them to give important updates about your business. For example, if you have a sale going on, this is a great thing to put on your marquee sign. Other changes might include upcoming events, new products, or even changes in your hours of operation. Marquee signs are a great way to keep your customer base informed on relevant changes to your business. 

Talk to Your Community through Houston Marquee Signage

It’s important to understand that marquee Houston outdoor signs are often important for your community and neighborhood. The people who pass by every day on the way to work are people you want to notice your signs. Talking to a demographic that doesn’t fit your community is usually a lot of wasted effort. So, sit down and think about how you can best communicate to the neighborhood you’re located in. For example, if you’re located near a school, consider congratulating the sports team for a significant win through your marquee signs. Another idea is to thank the local fire department after a fire in the community, or just because. Always keep your audience in mind when creating new messages for your Houston marquee signage. 

Use Humor!

Humor is a really effective way to grab attention and make a good impression on your potential customers. People respond well to funny or witty signs. If you don’t believe us, look up “funny marquee signs.” There are countless images on the web of business owners getting humorous with their signs. In some cases, customers may even snap a picture of your funny marquee message and share it with their friends. Also, if you become known for witty messaging, you might gain a following of people who consciously look at your sign every time they pass by. So, don’t worry about always using a message that markets your business or products. Sometimes a funny quote or pun can get people into your business.

Keep Messages Short and Sweet on Your Houston Outdoor Signs

Of course, you might have a lot to say and want to include a lot of information for your customers and community. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to overload your Houston marquee signage. Putting too much on your sign is overwhelming and not very effective. Keep in mind that many people that read your sign are driving by at fast speeds. Very few people are going to stop and take time to read several sentences if you squeeze them on your marquee. Instead, try to keep your messaging short. Less is typically more when it comes to marquee messages. Pick one goal for your message and write it to be as concise as possible. 

Always Spell Check

It may go without saying, but we recommend always spell checking your marquee sign messages. Misspellings or grammatical errors lower your credibility with your customer base and draw negative attention to your business. Therefore, take a moment to thoroughly proofread your message before and after making it “live,” whether you have digital or traditional marquee signs. 

Ideas for When You’re Stuck

Of course, sometimes you might get stuck on what message to put on your Houston marquee signage. For instance, you don’t have any upcoming sales, there aren’t any holidays coming up, and the community is pretty silent as far as news. In these cases, it’s still important to keep your marquee sign messaging fresh. There are any number of messages you can put up on your business’ signage. 

One option is to find an odd holiday to celebrate. Practically every day features a holiday that you’ve probably never heard of. Therefore, it can be fun to make people aware of these strange holidays. For example, National Hugging Day is coming up on January 21, in case you need some help between your New Year’s and Valentine’s Day messaging. 

Another idea for your marquee sign is to use quotes. There are countless interesting, motivational, and funny quotes out there you can use to keep your messaging fresh and grab people’s attention. 

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