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Houston wall signs help convey your company’s value and culture.

While many businesses focus on outdoor signs, Houston wall signs are also quite effective for marketing. Outdoor signs are important for attracting customers and letting them know where you’re located. Interior signs, on the other hand, help you communicate with your customers once they’re already inside. Certain types of Houston wall signs are required by law, like ADA signage, but others can help you increase your bottom line by advertising important aspects of your business. With the right signage professionals on your side, you can create the perfect signs for your company’s needs.

Houston Wall Signs for Promotions, Sales, & Events

Temporary Houston wall signs are a great way to promote certain aspects of your business to customers already inside. For example, you may decide to put information about an upcoming sale or a brand new product on your interior signs. Depending on your business, these messages may be displayed on digital signs where you can change out the information regularly. Also, some businesses choose vinyl Houston wall signs that are inexpensive and disposable.

Whichever the case, these signs need to grab attention easily, but they should still fit your brand. For example, say you have a massage therapy business and your brand is all about relaxation. If you’re running a special, you likely don’t want loud, busy signs to communicate this message. Instead, you should ensure that your temporary Houston wall signs still fit your aesthetic and mission. If you want people to relax while they’re in your business, then make sure that your graphics, text, and message all work toward that objective.

In addition, you should consider where your interior Houston custom signs will be most effective. A great way to figure out where to install your wall signs is to observe your customers’ traffic patterns when they’re inside your building. Doing this for a few days will help you identify “hotspots” where most customers will see your promotional signage. Near the front door can be a great place for your signs, as everyone must pass through the door to enter your business. However, you may also find that most people also pass by a certain wall. In any case, you’ll need to find a place where your sign will be most effective.

More Permanent Interior Houston Custom Signs

In most cases, your promotional interior signs will be temporary, but there are many Houston wall signs that may become a permanent fixture in your business. Wall signs can serve many purposes, such as conveying the spirit of your brand to the customer or livening up your space to inspire your employees.

Directional Houston Wall Signs

Directional signs help direct people to the right area of your building. This can help improve customer experience. If you’ve ever gotten lost in a large building looking for a specific room, you know how frustrating it can be. Instead, directional Houston wall signs help prevent this frustration and allow your customers to navigate through your building. For example, if you have multiple departments that your clients may need to visit, incorporating an interior sign for each department’s work area is a perfect way to make things easy for your customers. We can help you design directional signs that fit your brand as they direct customers where they need to go.

Lobby and Waiting Room Signs

Lobby signs help show customers that they’ve arrived in the right place and can help introduce them to your brand almost immediately after they walk in your door. The most common lobby signs feature your company name and logo. Generally, they sit just behind a reception desk or very close to the entrance. While you may have signage with your name and logo on your premises, lobby signs are a great touch for confirming that they’re in the right place and for providing an additional touch of professionalism.

You can also use Houston wall signs to help convey your brand, your values, and your company culture. Many businesses put up signs that list their core values in unique, attractive ways. Depending on your business, you may choose to put other signs up as well. For example, a clothing store might design Houston custom signs with quotes from notable fashion designers. Institutions that accept donations like non-profit organizations might create a donor wall sign to thank people for their donations. These signs help your customers get to know your business and give them an idea of what’s at the heart of your company. They also help dress up your workspace so it’s not full of plain walls.

ADA Signage

Finally, no matter what type of business you run, you will need Houston wall signs as part of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). These required signs are to help those with disabilities navigate through your building. These signs feature braille as well as high contrast, easy-to-read text to help those with visual impairments identify rooms in your business. There are also certain types of fonts that you must use for ADA-compliant signs. Almost every business must have ADA signs, so it’s important to consider these interior signs for your business as well. Your signage professionals can help you create the signs you need for ADA compliance for your business. We understand the requirements for placement, size, and design so you can be sure your ADA signs are up to standards.  

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