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Houston wall signs for C.R.E.S. Management office
Houston wall signs add visual appeal to any office.

Houston wall signs are an important addition to any professional space. In your office, there are many reasons to install attractive, informative signs on the walls. Let’s explore some of the reasons you should install signage in your office, some ideas to help you create a sign strategy, and some design tips. 

Why Offices Need Houston Wall Signs

Houston custom signs in your office offer many benefits for your workplace. Both employees and clients see the signs on your walls and they can make a big impression. There are many types of wall signs with many different purposes. However, in general, wall signage helps provide information, livens up your office, reinforces your brand, and also makes your space look professional.

Houston Wall Signs Communicate Important Information

Every sign communicates something. For example, your Houston outdoor signs help communicate that your business is at that location. However, Houston wall signs typically provide other types of information, since those who see them are already inside your building. Interior signs are typically more about telling people information you need them to know and reinforcing their choice to work with (or for) your business. 

Your office wall signs will communicate different information depending on the goal and type of signage. Wayfinding signage may provide information on how to navigate your building, while lobby signage might provide more insight into your brand and values. No matter the sign, it should be telling the viewer something about your business. 

Houston Custom Signs Spruce Up Your Space

Another reason to install Houston wall signs in your office is to make it look more attractive. Walls with nothing on them can be bland and boring, which is not how you want people to see your office. Boring interiors can negatively affect employee morale and motivation and can also negatively impact how clients see you. You can easily cheer up your space by adding attractive signs to the walls. Even in more professional environments like law offices, there are still many opportunities to use sophisticated signs to enhance the overall look of your office. 

Signs Help Enhance Your Brand

Signage in your building is also a great way to market your business. Houston custom signs in your space are the perfect way to tell people inside your building a little more about your business and also reinforce your brand identity. A well-placed sign with your name and logo can do wonders for your brand. You want people to recognize you and also associate positive feelings with your company, and signs can help with that goal. 

Quality Houston Wall Signs Make You Look Established

Have you ever gone into someone’s home and thought it still doesn’t look like they have moved in? That might be fine for a bachelor pad, but it’s not good for your office. Lack of signage can give off the feel that you’re new or that you have recently moved office spaces. It’s important to do everything you can to show both clients and employees that you’re established and successful. Bare white walls can give off the feeling that you don’t plan to be here permanently, which can reduce trust and confidence in your business.

Ideas for Houston Wall Signs in Offices

There are many ways you can use Houston wall signs in your office. Talk to our signage experts to help you nail down a total sign strategy. Signage strategies include indoor and outdoor signs all designed and placed to help you achieve your goals. Here are some ideas that may help you get started.

Use Houston Wall Signs to Display Your Mission Statement and Values

Most businesses have a written mission statement and values. These are great to incorporate on the walls of your office through signage! Houston wall signs with your mission statement show everyone inside your space what you stand for and what you’re trying to achieve. It shows off an extra layer of your brand identity and can instill confidence in your business for both employees and clients. With wall signage bearing your mission and values, no one is in the dark about what you represent.

Create Winning Brand Signs in Lobbies

Lobbies are the perfect place to incorporate a brand sign with your logo and name. These signs are one of the first that anyone sees and associates with your business once they walk in the door. It’s important to consider how to make the best impression possible with your lobby wall signs. Many businesses pull out all the stops for these signs, incorporating illumination for lobby signs with their brand, logo, and tagline. 

Get Creative with Wayfinding Signs

Some wayfinding signs must fit certain standards set by the ADA, such as room signs. However, you can also incorporate your branding into other wayfinding signs. For instance, you might have an ADA compliant restroom sign on the side of the bathroom door and also use a fun and funky sign mounted on the door itself. All your signs should suit your brand and look cohesive with your space and other décor, but don’t be afraid to get creative and design something truly unique for your office. 

What to Consider When Designing Houston Wall Signs

Because Houston wall signs hang on the wall, it’s important to consider the walls when designing your signage. In addition to all the other design principles to consider, such as balance, legibility, and attractiveness, you also need to ensure that the wall signs look great against the background of your walls. 

The first thing to consider is color. In general, you want to make sure that your signs use a contrasting but complimentary color for the wall. Contrast helps the sign stand out and be easy to read at a distance. However, you also don’t want the sign to clash with the surrounding wall. If you have neutral colored walls in your office, this is less of a concern. However, if you have a burnt orange wall, you probably don’t want to use a neon green sign. 

It’s also important to consider the amount of space you have to work with. If your Houston wall signs are too small, they may be difficult to see. Too big and they look awkward and out of place. So, make sure you measure your wall and think about the size of sign that will fit there. One tip to help you decide on a signage size is to cut out a piece of paper about the size and shape you think you want your sign to be and stick it on the wall. Step back a few paces and see if the size works well. You can also give the wall dimensions to our team and we can offer a recommendation. 

Talk to Our Signage Experts at 4D Signworx

Adding wall signs to your office can benefit your workspace in many ways. Our team at 4D Signworx offers turnkey signage solutions for your needs. We offer design, manufacturing, and installation services to help you customize your space with gorgeous business signage. We are a family owned and operated business and are dedicated to your total satisfaction. Contact us today to get a free quote for your signage needs.