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Creative Houston wall signs with apples to promote health
Houston wall signs help drive your message home for people inside your building.

It’s a common misconception that exterior signs offer more benefit to businesses than Houston wall signs. This is a myth! Interior wall signs can offer just as much benefit as your exterior signs. So, make sure you have a signage strategy for your company in place and work with sign experts to make it happen. 

There are many types of interior business signs, such as:

  • ADA signage
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Informational signs (signs that tell your hours and other important info)
  • Promotional and branding signs

We’re going to talk primarily about promotional and branding wall signs in this article. 

Options for Houston Wall Signs

First off, it’s important to understand that there are numerous interior signage options, so any business can find something that fits their aesthetic and budget. 

Interior signs can be smaller versions of many other types of signs, like Houston channel letter signs, lightboxes, and more. These are great for displaying your name and logo in your lobby or providing more information for marketing purposes. 

You can also spruce up your space with custom wall graphics. These are more detailed and visually interesting than paint, incredibly durable, and highly effective at providing visual appeal and information. For instance, many companies choose to incorporate artwork and things like mission statements, core values, or inspiring quotes on their wall graphics. 

For more temporary wall signage, you can also go with banners. Banners are great for advertising a sale, event, new product, or seasonal information about your business. Banner signs are easy to put up and take down and are incredibly affordable, which make them a great option when you need signs that are more temporary than your company name and logo. 

Why are Houston Wall Signs Important for Businesses?

Now you know there are many different options for interior signs, why are they important? That’s a pretty big question, as there are many benefits to having Houston custom signs on your walls. We’ll cover three of the big ones:

Attractive Houston Wall Signs Invite People to Stay Longer

Have you ever walked into a dull, stuffy office? It almost feels hard to breathe. Bland, white walls with nothing on them feel generic and boring, which isn’t exactly a welcoming environment to anyone. Simply put, the visual elements inside your business (or lack thereof) create an atmosphere. Does your atmosphere fit your goals and brand?

In fact, bland environments in your workplace may take a bigger toll than you realize. Boredom can increase stress, produce a “mind numbing” effect that makes it hard to focus, and can even produce some of the same symptoms as ADD. Boring buildings could be driving people away

Let’s face it, we’re happier when we’re surrounded by attractive and engaging surroundings. Science is still out on why we like being surrounded by beautiful things, but we know we do. It can feel like a breath of fresh air to walk into a visually appealing space. Having something on the walls to look at can decrease boredom, fatigue, and more. In short, Houston wall signs can help make people stay in your business longer because they feel happier and more engaged. That positive feeling will probably stay with them after they leave and when they think of your business in future.

Also, your employees likely want a more engaging space, too. In fact, according to a study conducted by Capital One in 2017, today’s employees want artwork and creative imagery in the workplace. Artwork and imagery was second only to natural light as far as workplace design elements. So, it’s important for both your customers and your employees to have attractive surroundings, and what better way than custom wall signs and graphics?

Interior Signs Promote Your Brand Image

Just because someone walked into your business doesn’t mean you’re done advertising. Houston wall signs can help you continue marketing your company to your customers. There’s always something more to say! 

Interior signs are great for helping promote your brand image. This can help reinforce to people why they’re in your business. Your brand image is what helps distinguish you from all of your competition, so you need to be able to communicate it effectively to every potential customer. This can help encourage sales and brand loyalty, which is vital for your company’s continued success. Using wall graphics, you can convey what makes you different to help get people excited about doing business with you.

Use Signage to Provide More Information

Another great way to use wall signage and graphics is to help provide more information about your business. We’re not talking about your hours of operation or what your company name is. We’re talking about providing more information that helps convert and gets people to buy now. Interior signs are a great way to help display your products and services and give more information to people who are on the fence. It can also help create awareness for additional services or products you offer as a great passive up-selling tactic. 

For example, let’s say you’re a dentist. People are going to be waiting in your lobby for things like their six month cleaning and exam, or maybe to fix a cavity. They may already be your customers, but a sign can make them aware that you now offer services to help whiten teeth. 

See how signs can help upsell for you? Essentially, you’re putting your walls to work to create more sales for you. Almost every business can benefit from giving more information about products and services they offer. It’s a great way to improve sales and get more attention for your less known offerings.

High Quality Houston Custom Signs with Quick Turnaround and Competitive Prices

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