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Office walls shouldn’t be boring! Add Houston wall signs and graphics to spice them up!

Do you know what can help benefit your business even more than drawing in more customers? Boosting morale and productivity in your workplace! Employee morale is a major concern. Happy employees help make your business succeed. One way to help is making sure your work environment is decorated to help your employees feel productive and happy. Houston wall signs can help you spice up the office and help motivate your employees to do their best every day. 

Signs, graphics, and even digital signage solutions can all help you create an environment that’s awesome to work in. While it may be surprising, décor can actually have a huge impact on your employees and, by extension, your company!

Boring Walls = Unhappy, Unproductive Employees

So, why should you decorate walls inside your workplace? Neutral colors go with everything and take a lot less work, right? 

Well, that thought process could be costing you in work quality, productivity, and employee satisfaction. 

One study from the University of Texas found that employees associated boring gray, white, and beige office walls with feelings of depression and sadness. These feelings can quickly turn into less productivity in your workplace.

By contrast, visually appealing walls can do a lot for your employees. For example, Houston wall signs and graphics can help reduce fatigue. Now, if you’ve ever stared at a computer screen for too long, you’ll know how quickly you and your eyes start to tire out. Looking at a bland wall can just make this that much worse. However, looking at attractive elements on the wall can help your eyes refocus and help refresh your employees for a renewed sense of productivity and efficiency. 

What Colors Should You Choose for your Houston Wall Signs?

Also, there are many studies on how color can affect our mood. Incorporating the right colors can help your employees feel better and work more efficiently. 

Just as gray, white, and beige walls seem to make us feel depressed, sad, and lethargic, other colors can do just the opposite. For example, blue and green are calming colors that can help keep stress at bay. These colors in the workplace are tied to better focus and efficiency. 

However, that doesn’t mean every workplace should opt for blue and green signage. You’ll need to tailor this to your business and to your employees. For instance, while blue and green help with focus, yellow is linked to creativity and innovation.

Red, on the other hand, can help increase energy and urgency. However, you’ll need to be careful when using this one, as some people also interpret it with danger. Most companies that use red in their Houston wall signs also pair it with a neutral color to help tone it down and make it easier on the eyes.

How to Use Houston Wall Signs to Inspire Employees?

Now, just slapping up a few Houston wall signs with the right colors for your business isn’t all you need to do. There are several ways to help boost employee morale with wall graphics and signs. There are several different strategies that you might choose for your business. The key is to customize your interior signs to your business, company culture, and employees.  

Promote your Company Culture with Houston Wall Signs and Graphics

Company culture is important, it’s how your employees relate to the business as a whole. If you’ve ever had an employee that isn’t a culture fit, you know just how difficult this problem can be to solve. 

One great way to use Houston wall signs to help motivate your employees is by using them to promote company culture. Brighten up your walls and your workplace by including graphics with things like your company values, what makes your company different for your employees, and other indicators of company culture.

Your employees work for you for a reason, so remind them of it every day! 

Use Motivational Quotes

Another great way to help keep your employees happy and motivated is to use Houston wall signs with inspirational quotes. These should also be customized to your company and goals.

For example, the frequently used quote, “If you can’t handle me at my best, you don’t deserve me at my worst,” can be inspiring, but probably isn’t what you’re going for. You want your employees to do their best every single day!

Instead, try opting for a quote that encourages productivity and innovation. For instance, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out,” by Robert Collier is a great one that can fit many different businesses. For a fun and somewhat nerdy employee group, you can even consider using the wise quote from Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

The key here is knowing what will get your employees excited and spark productivity. Maybe that’s one of the quotes above, or maybe it’s even a quote from your company’s CEO. Whatever it is, make sure it fits your employees. 

Interior Houston channel letter signs are great for easy-to-read signage that stands out. These are best for shorter quotes, since we manufacture each letter separately. But sometimes short and sweet is just the ticket for your employees.

Use Houston Wall Signs to Recognize Your Employees

Did you know lack of recognition is one of the number one reasons people quit their jobs? Recognizing employees that go the extra mile can go a long way for promoting morale and efficiency. Publicly praising people for their efforts not only cultivates positivity, it can also help drive your employees to do better and create some healthy competition. 

Surveys indicate that 82% employees prefer recognition even over gifts for their accomplishments!

Houston wall signs are a great solution for creating a public recognition board in your workplace. Digital LED signs are easy to update, but quickly attract the eye to keep your employees looking for that next recognition. Whether you do an employee of the month, a daily recognition, or some other employee recognition strategy, signage can help you easily appreciate your staff.

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