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We already know that colors play a huge role in how consumers perceive businesses. Blue is calming, red is fiery, and green is eco-friendly. But what about the font? Is it possible that fonts play a role in the psychological side of marketing as well? As a Houston sign company, we know the ins and outs of fonts. This guide is to help those looking to personally design the look of their signage, but need a little help. Check out what we’ve uncovered about fonts in the marketing industry.

Believe it or not, consumers have emotional ties to different types of fonts. For example, many people hate the Comic Sans font because of how light hearted and juvenile it is perceived to be. Most business professionals would find this font to be inappropriate to use in any professional setting and make judgments based on those who use this fun font. Others may perceive those who use the font as being fun and enjoy the person’s light hearted vibe. You should always be conscious of this, though, when using a particular font. With this being said, let’s look into a few fonts and how the majority of people react to them.


This font is commonly used and generally conjures up a feeling of pedigree and heritage. Subconsciously, this font gives those looking at it a “cozy” feeling. They feel like they can trust you and your brand because they see you as being reliable and respectable. This font would benefit well for a company looking for a more traditional vibe.

Sans Serif

Contrary to the regular serif font, sans serif has a modern, clean, and sensible vibe. This is the type of font that can be used in any era and it will still remain relevant. Because of its clean look, this makes those reading this font feel as though the company is straightforward and not hiding anything. Sans serif is a great choice for those running a business that remains on the digital side of the business market.Houston Sign Company


Script is a general term for ‘handwriting fonts’. Handwriting fonts are mostly comprised of swirly, elegant type. This particular type of font gives the brand a classy, elegant, and feminine vibe. The softness of script makes the company come off as being more heartfelt and genuine. Script would be the perfect font choice for a business with a personal touch such as a greeting card company (such as Hallmark).


If you’re looking for something big, bold, and fabulous, display fonts are the right type of fonts for you. This type is fun, friendly, and in your face- perfect for those companies with big personalities, looking to make a splash in the market. It’s definitely an attention grabber, so be sure your company’s personality matches all that this font encompasses- fun and bold.


Creating a business that’s ahead of its time? This is the font for you. Modern font is all about the forward thinking and bringing hope for what tomorrow’s technology will bring. What is the difference between modern type and sans serif, you ask? Sans serif is perfect for the technology of here and now. Modern is ideal for those who see the technology of today and are looking to build upon it to create the technology of tomorrow.


If these last few fonts do not match up to your business, perhaps it’s because they’re a bit too stuffy or too bold for what your company represents. This is where the decorative font makes it debut. This font type, depending on the particular font you use, is laid back. However, it should be noted that decorative font can be a pitfall for consumer emotions. Take note of how people respond to the decorative font you’re considering before finalizing your decision.

Combine your ideal font with the ideal color to convey the exact message that you’d like consumers to pick up on. You don’t necessarily have to pick the same font that everyone else is using, but be conscious that common fonts are more likely to resonate with potential consumers. Also, be aware that the font you choose might stay with your business for years to come. Change isn’t always good when it comes to brands that are mainstream, so pick something that you’ll love for years to come. If you’re stuck between using a few different fonts for your Houston signage, ask 4D for help! We can give you the breakdown on each font to help you decide which would best match what you’re going for.