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Houston outdoor signs for restaurant
Ensure drivers passing by can easily read your outdoor signs for your Houston business.

As a business owner in Houston, you undoubtedly want to maximize the visibility of your main outdoor sign for customers driving by. If so, then understanding the size of outdoor signage that is best suited for different driving speeds can make all the difference. When designed correctly and placed strategically, outdoor signs should be visible and readable regardless of traffic speed and patterns.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to design an effective outdoor sign for your Houston business based on how fast cars are traveling. We can design, manufacture, and install a custom outdoor sign that showcases your business to new and potential customers—contact us for a quote today.

Two Placement Options for Outdoor Signs

Houston business owners looking to draw attention to their building from passing motorists have two key placement options for outdoor signs: on the front of the building or along the road frontage.

Research has shown that a sign mounted on the front of a building parallel to the roadway must be at least 70% larger than a sign mounted perpendicular to the roadway. Failing to account for size can result in motorists being unable to read the sign in time, making it less effective.

Front of the Building Signage


  • Maximizes visibility for people directly in front of your building.
  • Increases brand recognition as it is closer to your place of business.
  • Less susceptible to damage from weather conditions or accidents due to close proximity to the building.


  • Limited visibility for oncoming traffic, especially for high-speed drivers.
  • Buildings set back from the road may have diminished visibility.
  • May be obstructed by other buildings or structures in highly built-up areas.

Road Frontage Signage


  • Enhanced visibility for motorists, even at high speeds.
  • Increased potential to attract passing motorists who are not specifically seeking your business.
  • Greater flexibility in sign size and design due to larger space availability.


  • Vulnerable to weather damage or car accidents.
  • May require additional permits or regulations due to its proximity to the roadway.
  • Maintenance and repairs may be more challenging due to difficult access.

Make Signs Legible for Drivers on the Road

Not only does a larger sign catch more attention, but it also affects how easily readable it is. By taking all of the following factors into consideration, you can ensure that your Houston outdoor signs are an effective marketing tool that can attract potential customers and help them find you more easily.

Distances and Driving Speeds

The legibility distance also depends on the speed at which drivers are passing by. Depending on what type of roadway your business is located on, it can make a significant difference in the design and size of your sign. Here are some general guidelines for readability relative to speed:

For instance, if the traffic speed in front of your business is 30 mph, and the street has two lanes in each direction, customers must be able to see and read your sign from a distance of 410 feet.

Size of Sign Lettering for Readability from a Distance

When it comes to creating an outdoor sign for your business in Houston, the size of the letters is incredibly important. We recommend that you design your sign with letters that are at least one inch tall for every twenty-five feet of distance. To put this in perspective, a sign that needs to be read from 410 feet away would require letters that are at least 16.4 inches tall.

Font Type Can Affect Lettering Size

The 1:25 letter sizing ratio works well for basic serif or sans serif fonts. However, for ornate and script fonts, you may need to go even larger. These elegant fonts are often thinner and more decorative, and too small of font size can make the wording difficult to read from a distance. By going bigger with ornate fonts, you ensure that your sign maintains its aesthetic appeal while still being easy to read.

Outdoor Signs – Styles for Houston Businesses

With a wide array of outdoor sign types and styles available, you can ensure that your business signage is tailored precisely to your needs, reflecting your brand’s personality while maximizing visibility and impact.

  • Monument Signs: These are freestanding signs, often located at the entrance of a property. They’re typically low to the ground and can be made from a variety of materials, including stone and brick.
  • Channel Letter Signs: These are 3D signs typically used for business names and logos. Each letter is individually created and illuminated, which creates a more striking visual effect.
  • Pylon Signs: These are tall signs used to advertise several businesses within the same complex or plaza. They’re often seen near highways or busy intersections.
  • LED Signs: These signs use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for illumination, making them energy-efficient and bright, ideal for both day and night visibility.
  • Lighted Signs: These signs use different types of illumination for high visibility, especially in low-light conditions. They can help your business stand out after dark.
  • Electric Signs: These signs are illuminated by electric lights and are often used for advertisements and billboards. They can be seen from a considerable distance, making them ideal for businesses located along highways.
  • Masonry Signs: These signs are made using masonry techniques and materials such as brick, stone, or concrete. They’re known for their durability and rustic appeal.
  • Marquee Signs: These are large, illuminated signs often used outside theaters, schools, or hotels. They typically display changeable letters to advertise current or upcoming events.
  • Sandblasted Signs: These signs are created by blasting a high-pressure stream of sand at a wooden or HDU (high-density urethane) sign blank. This process gives the sign a beautiful, rustic texture.

Custom Outdoor Signs to Highlight Your Houston Business

4D Signworx has been perfecting the art of custom signage for 45 years. We take incredible pride in being able to elevate brands through our sign-making craftsmanship. Every job, big or small, is handled with utmost care and attention to detail, from the design process to installation.

Let our team bring life and recognition to your brand with custom outdoor signs for your Houston business. Contact us for a quote today.