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Business with Houston outdoor signs
Permanent and temporary Houston outdoor signs are important for marketing your business.

Getting the right type of Houston outdoor signs for your business is vitally important, with the end goal of attracting prospective customers. In such cases, you will need to make an investment that gives you maximum return. This article will help you choose between a permanent sign and a temporary banner. 

Why Do You Need Houston Outdoor Signs?

As a Houston business owner, you should know that signs play an important role in drawing customers into your business. First impressions matter and signs are often the first thing people associate with your business. They can grab attention of people driving or walking by. This how good signage can help your business:

Draw Attention

When your business’ sign is unique or beautiful, that will draw people to look inside and see what your business is all about. So make the most of what the exterior sign says or portrays. It is always important to stand out when getting the right signage.

Build Awareness

Signage near or across the street is crucial for building brand awareness. The more prospective customers see the sign or banner, the more likely they will inquire about your services or products. The customer doesn’t have to come directly, and they may refer someone who will require your services because of the many times they have seen the signage. Grabbing their attention will most definitely bring you more customers. Therefore, having the best Houston outdoor signs is critical for your success.

Compelling Sales

As previously mentioned, Houston outdoor signs can build brand awareness. It literally sells your business to people. Signage is your silent, 24/7 marketing agent, which creates curiosity to get in your business. All this long, you don’t need to say a word – your signage is doing that for you. 

Whatever you sell will get much more visibility once people start getting into your business. It is also necessary to have interior signage that leads customers directly to your products and spurs impulse sales. 

Permanent Houston Outdoor Signs

As the name suggests, permanent signs are a kind of signage that sticks around for a long time. These kinds of signage can be placed on buildings, outdoor settings, walls, bridges, or any other structure that has a space for it. 

If you need a Houston outdoor sign with lasting signage on windows like window decals and graphics, permanent signs are the best alternative. If you are thinking about long-term business investment, then permanent signs are ideal for your business. 

Permanent signs last longer, meaning the materials used to make them are durable. These types of Houston outdoor signs use durable materials that last a long time and also make a big impact. They should be eye-catching and reflect what you want people to know about your brand. They communicate long-lasting messages about your business. Therefore, every business that intends to stick around long-term must have permanent signs. 

There are many different materials to choose from for your permanent Houston custom signs. Some options include metal, plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate, as well as masonry for monument signs.

Ideal Businesses for Permanent Signs

This kind of signage is ideal for business persons with the following needs:

  • Those that want to establish businesses that will last for a long term
  • Those that want a pleasant or elegant exterior 
  • Those that are looking forward to getting the attention of customers fast

Types of Permanent Houston Outdoor Signs

They only include three;

  • Pylon Signs

These are standing signs placed in areas that attract a lot of people. They stand high so that people and even cars can see. They are usually placed in shopping areas because of traffic. 

  •  Wall-Mounted Signs

There are two types, illuminated and non-illuminated. They also come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. As the name suggests, they are mounted on the wall, and as one passes, they can see. 

  • Monument Signs

Like wall-mounted signs, these also come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. They stand alone without other signs. They are majorly placed near organizations or corporations where the target market is, for example, government offices, schools, or hospitals. 

Temporary Banners 

Depending on how long you want a sign to serve you, it is always best to know how long you want your business to last or what you want to achieve after a certain period. 

Temporary banners or signs are seasonal signs that will only serve a specific purpose, and then get changed or removed. If your goal is sales after two months, this is the type of sign you need. Is your business running for a year? A few months? If your business priorities keep changing, you should go for this. 

The materials necessary for making temporary banners are also easily found. Because of their weight and color, the materials used for making temporary banners are PVC, vinyl, canvas, lightweight plastic, paper, cardboard, and foam core. 

When to Use Temporary Banners

  • Those with a limited budget
  • Those that relocate from time to time
  • Those who want to host a time-limited event
  • Construction companies
  • Those running temporary marketing

As much as this might work, it is not always as catchy as the permanent ones because the materials are cheap. Any customer could notice this, which will affect how they perceive your brand. 

After it has served its purpose, it is always advisable to remove or replace it. These are among the factors to consider for Houston outdoor signs.

Choose 4D Signworx for the Best Houston Custom Signs

After looking at how each sign can be used in Houston outdoor signs, it is always crucial to choose what best serves you. At 4D Signworx, we design, manufacture, and install Houston custom signs of all types including Houston channel letter signs for businesses throughout the Greater Houston area. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we fabricate all our signs in-house in our expansive facility, which allows us to control quality better and save on costs, which we then pass on to the customer. Contact us today to request a free quote.