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Need Houston outdoor signs for your bank or credit union? Expert signage can help attract new customers and members to your institution.

Community banks and credit unions often struggle to gain customers. However, Houston outdoor signs can help attract the customers and members you want for your financial institution. Houston outdoor signs draw attention to your brand and location. Additionally, it can help you establish trust that invites people to become customers of your bank. Therefore, be sure that your Houston custom signs effectively communicate your message.

How Your Houston Outdoor Signs Build Trust

Some of the main factors that people look for in a financial institution is reliability and trustworthiness. This should be at the forefront of your mind, from marketing to your Houston outdoor signs. Naturally, you want your bank’s signs to draw attention. However, no attention is better than negative attention. Be sure to steer clear of flashy or gaudy signs, as they may lower trust for your institution in your community.

In most cases, it’s best to choose Houston outdoor signage that is crisp and uncluttered. This helps make an impression that your bank or credit union is transparent and straightforward. Additionally, when your Houston outdoor signs are on-brand, people can get to know who you are from how they perceive your signs. This means you can start building relationships with people in your community before they ever even step foot inside your branch.

Also, well-branded Houston outdoor signs for your bank or credit union branch help your current customers locate new branches. The more signs they see around their area, the more brand awareness you gain. This also helps build trust by showing that you have multiple branches and, therefore, many people bank with your brand.

Important Factors of Houston Outdoor Signs for Financial Institutions

There are a few things to consider for your bank’s signage. The signs on your building’s exterior are one of the main ways to draw attention to your location. This is important for advertising and directional reasons. A good quality, well-designed sign will bring attention to your financial institution. Also, it will help customers easily find your location. Here are some other things you need to consider as you design your bank signage.

Make An Impression

First, ensure that your Houston outdoor signs look professional. You can achieve this by investing in professional design from your sign company. If you are using graphics, be sure they are high-quality and clear. Additionally, professional design will help ensure that each element works together cohesively, and that people can easily see your sign from a distance.

Also, you want your Houston custom signs to fit your brand. To establish trust, your brand identity should be consistent in everything your customers see. The messaging and tone should be the same, as well as the logos, color schemes, and fonts you choose. Otherwise, it could negatively impact your bank. Some people may not even connect that you’re one cohesive financial institution. This often puts people off and can hurt your business. Therefore, ensure that everything on your sign is on-brand for your financial institution. This will help you make an impression with your current and potential customers.

Regulations and Compliance

Another important thing to think about as you consider your bank’s signage is that certain regulations may apply to your signs. As you well know, there are many restrictions for bank advertising, which includes your Houston outdoor signs. For example, your signs must appeal to all your customers to avoid issues with regulatory agencies for discriminatory marketing practices. If you’re using images in your sign, consider fair lending issues before finalizing the image and graphics. In most cases, it’s best to just use your name and logo for your signage to avoid compliance issues.

Also, your signs must be completely clear and true. While your institution likely always strives to offer transparent advertising, many rules apply to your promotional efforts. For example, if you were to list specific products on your exterior sign, you may run into regulations requiring you to have additional information. For example, if you list your main services underneath your bank or credit union’s name, you may also have to include the FDIC logo.

Before designing your signage, make sure you’re up-to-date on all the compliance standards that may apply to your signs. Then, you and your signage design specialists can create a sign that will help promote your bank or credit union that is compliant with banking regulations.


After you install your bank or credit union’s sign, you’ll also need to properly maintain your sign. Can you imagine walking into a restaurant with a sign that is caked in grime or filled with birds’ nests?  If you wouldn’t eat at that restaurant, you probably wouldn’t trust them with your money either. Therefore, make sure to keep up on signage maintenance. This includes regularly washing your signs and replacing any areas that start to look worn. Therefore, ensure that your bank’s signage looks polished and professional at all times.

Other Signs for Banks and Credit Unions

Your exterior signs aren’t the only signage you need for your financial institution, however. ATM branding signs allow you to promote your bank or credit union and draw attention to your ATM services. Parking lot and drive through signs also play an important role for your bank. Therefore, ensure you put just as much effort into these Houston custom signs.

ATM Branding Signs

In the past, one of the most important things to consumers looking for a bank was whether there was a branch near them. However, as more people switch to online and mobile banking, this is becoming less important. ATMs, on the other hand, are still important to your customers, especially if they’re surcharge-free.

ATMs with branded signs above them offer many benefits to your bank or credit union. For example, they’re an easy way to increase the number of transactions. If someone banks with you and sees your name on an ATM, they may be more likely to use your ATMs over another bank’s. Also, it offers you a way to increase brand awareness. Therefore, make sure you also consider your ATMs, on and off your premises.

Parking Lot & Drive Through Signs

Above all, today’s customers are looking for ease and convenience from their banking experience. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that they not only know you offer drive through services, but also make it simple to navigate through your location’s parking lot. These Houston outdoor signs are vital for streamlining the banking process. Your signs should make it simple to find a parking spot if your customers want to come inside your branch, or direct them easily to your drive through area. While these signs seem somewhat small and less important than your advertising signs, they play an important role in customer experience and satisfaction.

Houston Custom Signs from our Specialists

At 4D Signworx, we specialize in creating indoor and outdoor signage that helps promote your business. We help with sign design, manufacturing, and installation for a large range of businesses, including the financial industry. If you need signage for your bank or credit union, give us a call today at (713) 984-2010 to talk to one of our experts and request a free quote. We are here to serve you.