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Are you working for your sign? Or is your sign working for you? If your small business’ Houston outdoor sign isn’t pulling in customers, your signage isn’t doing its job. Used correctly, signage will increase sales by luring people into your store. Understand how to make Houston outdoor signage work for you using these 4 techniques:

Location and Competition

If you want your small business to stick out from other businesses, you have to put your signage in a prime location. Always install signage in the highest traffic area around your business to ensure that the greatest concentration of people will see it. Also, consider taking advantage of billboards in high-traffic areas for more exposure. Even asking surrounding businesses if it’s alright to put a sign up around their business to let people know where you are can work sometimes.

Neat Signs

We mean ‘neat’ as in cool and organized. A cluttered sign is hard to read at a glance, plus it’s not pretty to lHouston Outdoor Signsook at. Make sure the font and design are clean looking. Smudged, damaged, or faded Houston outdoor signs isn’t appealing and makes it appear as though you do not care about how your business is conveyed to the rest of the world. Keep things simple and maintained for the highest payoff.

Do Add Social Media

Clutter is not good. With that being said, letting customers and potential customers know that your small business can be found on online is not considered to be clutter. Add the social media platform emblem to your sign along with the username for people to easily find you online. QR codes are also a great addition to any sign. Ask a Houston sign company (such as 4D) to add your business’ QR code for quick customer scanning.

Holidays and Events

Amp up your signage game around holidays and special events happening in the area. Why, you ask? You’re more likely to attract people walking around when you display your signage during times in which there are more people out and about. Simple enough, right? An added bonus is if you have signage that directly correlates with the event at hand. People take that as a guide to go into your business because the signage reflects the events going on around them.

Next time you find business slipping, think about your signage situation. Sometimes, something as simple as having new signage made can totally transform the traffic coming to your business. Ask 4D for sign design help if you’re stuck or want something totally new to increase business.