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Your Houston marquee signage gives you versatile options to market your business.

When you think of Houston marquee signage, you may picture old-fashioned movie theater signs. However, today’s marquee signs offer innovative, flexible design to help your business. Using changeable LED displays, modern-day marquee signs can make a huge impact on your customer base. If your business needs flexibility for your message, LED marquees are the way to go to help draw in more customers. 

Houston Marquee Signage Allows for Real-Time Updates

One of the main benefits of digital Houston marquee signage is that you can update your signs in real-time. With many other types of signs, updating your message, logo, etc. means creating a new sign. For example, say you recently rebranded your company and have Houston channel letter signs on your building. You would need new letters for a new logo or a font change. With marquee signs, you can update your sign with this information with a few simple clicks. 

Real-time updates can help you communicate important things to your customers. For instance, if you have an upcoming sale, you can quickly announce it on your marquee signs. Also, if you’re sold out of a particular item, this is an easy way to communicate this information. You can even list when you expect the item to be back in stock. This can help save your customers a lot of frustration  and create a positive impression.

Houston marquee signage is also an important tool for product launches. If you have a new product coming out, you can announce it on your digital signs as soon as you’re ready. Businesses who are constantly innovating and coming out with new products can benefit from marquee signs because they offer a quick, simple way to advertise new products. 

Houston Marquee Signage Offers Space for Text, Images, Videos, and More

Another great feature of Houston marquee signage is that it allows you to create a message that uses many different elements. The versatility of modern digital signs means you can use text, pictures, graphics, animations, and even video to help get your message across. With so many different things to choose from, you can design the perfect message to get people to visit your location. Therefore, creating eye-catching signs is simple when you have digital signs for your business.

Houston Marquee Signage Allows You to Target Specific Audiences

Also, marquee signs are a great way to target certain people with your advertising. With static signage, you only have one display to show to passersby. However, what if you want to target several different markets? To be effective, this often requires multiple different messages. For example, let’s say you’re a coffee shop. You want to go after the morning commuters with your advertising. However, you also want to increase business during the day. 

One way to help with your different advertising campaigns is to update your Houston marquee signage with different messages. For the morning commuters on their way to work, put up a message about your quick service. Once most commuters are already at work, then you can change your message to showcase your atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, or other perks that you think will draw in the day crowd. Therefore, digital marquee signs can help you advertise effectively to many different types of groups.

Consider Traffic Patterns for your Houston Marquee Signage Content Strategies

Another thing to think about when it comes to the messaging on your Houston outdoor signage is what the traffic patterns look like. For example, if most of the people who will see your sign drive by in the morning and evenings after work, then you want to make sure your message during these times is compelling and effective. Whenever traffic patterns are most heavy, these are usually your peak advertising hours with your signs. Therefore, it’s important that you have great messaging during these times. 

This is similar to determining your target audience. For example, during prime commuting hours, you may want to create content that targets working professionals in your area. However, if you also get a lot of traffic around the afternoon right around school pick-up, you also want to have effective advertising up during this time designed for parents of school-aged children. If you believe most of the traffic is round-trip traffic, meaning that the same person passes your sign too and from home, then you want to make sure that you update your signage frequently to continue to draw attention from people who see your signs every day.

How Often Should You Change the Message?

So, how often should you be changing the message on your Houston marquee signage? This really depends on your business, as there are no hard-and-fast rules. Changing your display more frequently can help keep people interested. If they see the same message over and over again, they may begin to visually “tune out” your sign as they pass. However, it’s also important to remember the three-exposure rule. Developed by Dr. Herbert Krugman in the 1970s, the three-exposure rule says that audiences need to be exposed to content at least three times for them to get the full message. The first time draws attention to what the message says, the second helps them think about why this information is important, and the third is a reminder where the message really sinks in. Therefore, it’s a delicate balance between new, exciting content and getting people to see your message multiple times. 

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