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Shapes are just as important as any other element of your Houston custom signs.

When designing your Houston custom signs, you’re likely considering many elements. Another important consideration for your outdoor signage is shape. Shape influences how customers perceive your business. Therefore, choosing the correct shape for your Houston custom signs can help encourage sales. Because shape plays such a big part in branding, it can influence customer decision-making. The right signage shape may give you a competitive advantage in your industry. 

Round Houston Custom Signs

Generally, round Houston custom signs associate your brand with comfort, calmness, and friendliness. You can use this shape for your Houston outdoor signs to promote a sense of warmth. For example, dental practices can use round signage to show their dedication to patient comfort. 

Additionally, round shapes were historically used in badges and stamps. This can help promote a sense of tradition or authenticity for certain industries. For example, a vintage clothing shop may take advantage of this shape for their Houston custom signs to help consumers see that they sell genuine vintage items.  

Organic Shapes for Houston Outdoor Signs

Organic shapes tend to lend an air of earthiness to your business. Therefore, use organic shaped Houston outdoor signs if your business has a natural or earth element. For example, a health food store can benefit from organic shaped signage to show customers that they provide healthy, chemical free products. Environment-based non-profit organizations may also use organic shapes in their signage to focus on the nature aspect of their efforts.

Angular Shaped Business Signage

By contrast, angular Houston outdoor signs are typically associated with strength, intelligence, or stability. Square, rectangular, or triangular signs may also help show off your company’s precision and professionalism. Legal offices may benefit from angular Houston custom signs to illustrate that they have the power to help you during your lawsuit. Additionally, manufacturing companies may use angular outdoor signage to draw attention to their detailed and accurate fabrication practices.

Therefore, while you are designing your Houston outdoor signs, be sure to consider what you want consumers to know about your brand from your signage. Additionally, research different Houston sign companies to find the team who can provide practical and attractive signage for your needs.

At 4D Signworx, we have been providing sign solutions to Houston area businesses for almost half a century. As a family owned and operated facility, we understand that you need the best signage for continued success. Our expert team can help you design, manufacture, and install Houston custom signs to promote your business and stay competitive in your industry. Call us today at (713) 984-2010 to talk to our professionals or request a quote. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you now and in the future.