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Houston custom signs in your lobby or reception area provide a professional atmosphere for your clients and staff.

Your lobby is likely the first area that your clients see. Houston custom signs can help provide a welcoming, professional environment in your lobby. Often, they can help signal to your customers that they have arrived. Have you ever second guessed your GPS after walking into a business without signage? That momentary anxiety can almost immediately create a negative impression for your business. Instead, install lobby signs to help improve the customer experience and to help keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Lobby signs differ from outdoor signs because your clients see them from a closer distance, and they don’t have to face the harsh conditions exterior signs must. Therefore, they offer even more design options to play with. Additionally, Houston custom signs in your lobby may also provide more information, as you can add multiple signs in your lobby. Learn why lobby signage benefits your business and how to design Houston custom signs for your lobby or reception area.

Houston Custom Signs in Your Lobby Make an Impression

Your interior signs make an impression in many ways. First, Houston wall signs in your lobby can help communicate your brand culture. Your business signage should always fit your brand. For example, if your company’s culture is more fun and creative, then your sign should communicate that through its overall design.

Also, your lobby signage helps establish your company’s success. Clients often associate professional lobby signage with quality and longevity. By contrast, an absence of signs throughout your workspace might indicate that you view your space as temporary or even show a lack of pride in your work. Therefore, consider Houston custom signs in your lobby to communicate that you’re the best choice for the products or services your clients need.

Another great benefit of lobby signs is that they can liven up your space. Blank walls look bland and unoriginal. They can even create a depressing atmosphere. However, professional signs in your workspace can brighten your space for both your clients and your staff. This is especially important for waiting areas. As your customers wait, their eyes will naturally start to wander. An eye-catching and on-brand sign is the perfect way to reinforce that they’ve made the right decision with your business. However, if all they find is blank a blank wall, then you likely have wasted space in your waiting area. Therefore, interior signs offer many advantages for your business.

Unique Design Considerations for Lobby Signs

When you need Houston custom signs for your lobby, it’s important to consider design. While some design basics apply no matter where your signs are, lobby signage does have some unique factors you should consider. The fonts you choose for your lobby signs should be easy to read from a short distance away. While sans-serif fonts are always a great option for readability, you can often get away with serif fonts on interior signs. However, ensure that whichever font you choose, your clients will have no difficulty reading your text.

Additionally, you’ll need to determine the right size for your Houston wall signs. You need the right balance between the negative space of the wall and your sign. Signs that are too small might be easy to ignore. However, signs that are too big can look gaudy and unprofessional. Therefore, ensure that your lobby sign looks great with your surrounding space. If you need help finding the right design for your lobby signage, your sign professionals can help with expert advice.

Types of Houston Custom Signs to Put in Your Lobby

There are many types of signs you can put in your lobby to help your business stand out. The type of Houston custom signs you choose for your lobby or waiting room will vary depending on your business, brand, and the interior design of your space. Here are some common types of lobby signs:

Interior Channel Letters

Channel letter Houston wall signs are a great option to showcase your company’s name and logo. These three-dimensional signs can feature LED illumination to draw even more attention. They are easy to read because each letter in your sign is separate from all the others. They’re also durable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective option for your lobby signage.

Illuminated Cabinet Signs

Another great option for your lobby is to install illuminated cabinet Houston custom signs, especially near the reception desk where you’ll feature your name. This is especially true if you have less space to display your company’s name, as cabinet signs are often better at displaying smaller design elements and lettering than channel letter signs.

Vinyl Wall Covering Signs

If the three-dimensional look isn’t the best fit for your lobby, vinyl wall coverings can be a good option. These attractive signs sit on top of your wall creating a flat surface. They are also low-maintenance and inexpensive. Many businesses choose to incorporate vinyl wall graphics into their lobby, even if they’ve already chosen a different type of sign for their name and logo.

Vinyl wall graphic signs are a good option for displaying your company values, mottos, quotes, and other elements that help showcase your brand. Incorporating these other branding elements with three dimensional signs can start to make your lobby area look cluttered. However, because vinyl wall graphics are flat, they’re easy on the eyes.  

At 4D Signworx, we offer top-quality signage that suits your brand and your budget. Whether you need lobby signs, directional signs, or Houston outdoor signs, our team has the experience you need for your business. We design, fabricate, and install signs of all kinds. Our goal is to help you promote your company with the most practical and beautiful signs for your business. We’ve been helping business owners advertise with signage for over 50 years. In addition to our experience, we also offer cost savings and high quality standards because we manufacture signs on-site in our large production facility. Call us today at (713) 984-2010 to talk to one of our specialists and request a quote for your new sign. We are here to serve you.