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supermarket interior with Houston custom signs for advertisement
Supermarkets benefit from Houston custom signs both inside and out.

Whether opening a new store or updating an existing one, Houston custom signs are important for supermarkets of all sizes. Signage offers important information to your potential and current customers, whether they’re driving by, browsing, or checking out. You need to have a solid strategy for supermarket signage. All signs should fit your brand identity, be easy-to-read, and be concise. They also need to be attractive. If you have outdated or ineffective signs, it can absolutely lower sales and discourage people from shopping in your supermarket or grocery store. In this article, we’ll discuss some common signs you may need for your store.

Types of Houston Custom Signs Needed for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

There are many types of signs you need for your supermarket or grocery store. Signage is a way to effectively communicate with and advertise to customers. Signs give important information to your customers and enhance their experience with your store. Your signage strategy should be completely tailored to your store and brand. However, there are several types of signs you might need, indoors and out, for your supermarket. 

Houston Outdoor Signs

Exterior signs play an integral role in your store’s success. Outdoor signage is often the first glimpse customers have of your brand. It’s necessary to make a great first impression. The quality and message of your outdoor signs may just make a difference between a customer coming in versus driving away to your competitors. 

Houston Custom Signs for On-Premises Signage

Houston outdoor signs help attract people to your store. On-premises signage not only lets new customers know you’re there, but also helps people actively searching for you easily navigate to your store once in sight. Outdoor marketing signs are some of the most cost-effective advertising tools for businesses in practically every industry. Therefore, you should make your exterior signs a high priority.

Outdoor Parking Signs

Parking lot signs are important for directing traffic flow for your supermarket. Parking lot signs typically show people where to park. For instance, you often need signs to indicate your handicapped parking spots. For stores with large parking lots, you might label different sections  with Houston custom signs to help customers locate their cars easier after they’re done shopping. Also, don’t forget the signage you need to indicate cart returns and no parking zones!

In addition, with the increasing popularity in contactless grocery delivery, signage can help guide your customers through the retail pickup process. Houston outdoor signs can help direct people to specific parking spots for pickup as well as give instructions on how to let store associates know they are waiting for their order. 

Interior Houston Custom Signs

Interior retail signs are also important for supermarkets. They help with wayfinding, branding, and so much more for customers already in your store. While you might be tempted to put all your focus and budget on a snazzy outdoor sign, don’t neglect indoor signs. They help customers already in your store so they become loyal return customers. 

Aisle Signage

Houston custom signs for each aisle help customers navigate your store. Without good signage above each aisle, customers may become frustrated while looking for a specific item. This can cause them to shop with a competitor instead. Therefore, it’s important to have concise aisle signage hanging above each aisle in your supermarket. 

Many stores also feature perimeter aisles, particularly for refrigerated items like beverages, dairy, and meat products. You can use custom Houston wall signs to help customers find the items they need throughout your store. Signage experts can mount these signs to the wall where customers can easily see them and find exactly the thing they need while shopping. 

Houston Custom Signs for Store Sections

If you have a large store, or many different departments, then you might also need to have department signs. These are large signs that designate different sections of your store. For instance, many large supermarkets may have Houston custom signs to designate produce, meat, and dairy sections. Other stores may also need department signs for electronics, clothing, and other areas of the store. 

Branding Signs

Branding signs help reinforce to the customer they’ve made the right choice by shopping at your supermarket instead of a competitor’s. While all signs should fit your branding, the main goal of brand signage is to create a loyal customer that remembers your name. For instance, you might have welcome and thank you signs that feature your brand logo as part of your supermarket’s branding signs. 

Another great option for branding your store and enticing customers to keep browsing is to put attractive pictures on Houston wall signs. For instance, supermarkets often fill empty wall space with pictures of fresh produce or people shopping to create an appealing and welcoming place for their customers. 

ADA Signage

Pretty much all commercial buildings also need ADA-compliant signage. These signs help people with disabilities navigate your store. Every room with a permanent use (like restrooms) needs an ADA compliant sign that labels the room. These signs need to have easy-to-read fonts in high contrast colors. They also generally need a braille translation. Entrances and exits also typically need to have ADA signage. Of course, you should always check with local authorities for specific signs you need for your store, but all stores open to the public will need some form of ADA signage. 

Houston Custom Signs for Promotions

Promotional signs are also important for supermarkets. These signs help you advertise special deals and discounts throughout your store. In some cases, you may need temporary signage to communicate these promotions. However, don’t underestimate a good quality sign that says something like “2 for 1,” which you can often reuse throughout the year for different items. 

Health and Safety Signs for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today, it’s also important to have health and safety signage in your store. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes to everyday life, and supermarket signage is no exception. Signs recommending social distancing and mask wearing have become the norm for most supermarkets as the pandemic rages on with new variants cropping up. You may want signage at entrances, reminder signs throughout the store, as well as floor signs to help people stay six feet apart from each other to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Now, you may have seen many other stores with health and safety information printed on normal printer paper. However, this often looks unprofessional and is easy to ignore for many customers. Having Houston custom signs that match your branding with bold colors and font make your message much more apparent and professional. If you’re still using pieces of paper you created in Word to communicate your health and safety advisories, it’s high time to invest in proper signage.

High Quality Signage for Your Store from 4D Signworx

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