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Houston custom signs showing LEED certification levels
Houston custom signs communicate LEED certification to your customers.

Houston custom signs are a valuable addition to any space. Thinking green is one of the major aspects of staying ahead of the curve. Businesses that invest in green activities enjoy environmental, financial, and social benefits. You can earn LEED points by incorporating sustainable signage for your building. If you’re an owner of the green building, signage can even help you to earn LEED points.

However, installing signage will vary from one project to another. The custom signage installed outside your building will help you improve your business. It will enhance brand awareness among your customers. Custom signage boards will help you not only earn LEED points, but educate others about the program. Let’s have a look at how signage plays a role in green buildings, specifically the LEED. 

Let’s Start with What LEED is & How It Works

LEED certification is one of the best ways to improve your business efficiency. With a LEED-certified building, you can save money and enhance efficiency. This symbol defines the fact that a building is safe and healthy for people. A LEED-certified building means it has lower carbon emissions and is overall more sustainable for construction and operations. 

You can earn LEED points to meet the goals of the system. When a building earns 40-49 points, the building becomes LEED-certified. Once you are certified for LEED, you can keep working toward higher certification levels.

However, gaining LEED certification for your building isn’t enough. You need to communicate the information to your prospective customers. It will help them to understand that your building is safe for them. Are you looking for one of the best ways to communicate the LEED certification? If so, look no further than Houston custom signs. They will educate your audience about sustainable design elements. 

Role of Houston Custom Signs in Earning Extra LEED Points 

Having sustainable custom signs outside your building can generate goodwill among customers. When you have the right custom signs installed, they boost your green presence. This is a way to help your customers know about your green building. However, there are plenty of signage materials available on the market. You need to choose the right Houston sign company for your needs. 

When you add signage with sustainable materials, you contribute to the LEED project. Even though they might contribute a single point, it is beneficial to stay ahead. With a single point, you can move to a high level of LEED certification. For instance, if you’re currently on silver, an extra point will help you gain gold status. There are many types of custom signs available in the market. Using the right Houston custom signs outside your entire building is highly beneficial. This will help you to reinforce your brand and make your building green. Having custom signs outside and inside your space will make it look professional. Thus, it will help your business to attract potential clients. 

A Few Other Perks of Installing Houston Outdoor Signage 

Houston outdoor signage is the best way to generate awareness about green business. Being a certified green building helps you to improve marketing. Apart from this, LEED signage will notify people that your building is sustainable. By using educational signage, you can earn some extra points too. With signs, you can earn points under the “Innovation: Green Building Education” category. Let’s have a look at some other benefits of Houston custom signs. 

  • Every custom sign communicates something. Being attractive in nature, they are extra visible. Thus, they can help you to inform people about your brand values. 
  • Boring interiors can affect your brand’s visibility. Installing attractive custom signs will enhance your entire look. Adding quality custom signs will help you to grab the attention of visitors.
  • Quality custom signage will help you market your brand. Green businesses are more preferred by  customers. If you’ve LEED certification, let your customer know about it. Signs with entire information will help you achieve your market goals. 
  • Bare walls in your indoor space can impact your business negatively. This is why adding Houston custom signs inside is the right solution. They will keep your customer engaged and improve trust, as well. 

If you’re looking to add custom signage to your office, it’s vital to choose the right team. A reliable Houston sign company can help you with quality service. They use sustainable materials and the right colored signs. You need to choose the right color signs that won’t clash with your surroundings. Last but not least, you need to choose the right place for installation. This step will impact the size and shape of the custom signage board as well. 

Create Custom Signs That Your Customers will Never Miss 

If you’re looking to improve your business, make it noticeable. The more customers see the boards, the more they interact with them. Always create the signboard that defines your mission statement. Try to include eco-friendly sign boards that won’t affect the environment negatively. By educating people about green building design, you can earn LEED points. The more green signage products you use, the more easily you can achieve your goals. Thus, create your signage product by contacting the right signage team today. 

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When it comes to choosing the right type of signboards, you need to choose the right team first. Our signage experts at 4D Signworx strive hard to please you. Our turnkey solutions will help you to get custom signs in Houston right away. From design to manufacturing to installation, we can handle everything. Being a family-owned signage company, we always prioritize our clients. By designing thoughtful custom signage, we will help your business  to grow. Having sustainable custom signs outside your office, you will earn LEED points. So, are you ready to improve your business via Houston custom signs? Contact our team at 4D Signworx today! Our experts will examine your signage needs and will offer a free quote for sign design, manufacturing, and installation.