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3201 Houston Channel Letter Signs lit up at night
Houston channel letter signs require power to light up. In some cases, you might be able to use solar panel for your signs.

Considering installing new signage for your business? You may have heard that Houston channel letter signs offer serious advantages for advertising. Illuminated channel letters are even more eye-catching and effective for marketing your business. However, if you have some concerns about connecting your signs to utility power, there are other options available. For example, many signs can actually be solar powered. New solar power technology paired with high quality signage manufacturing may be the perfect solution for your company’s sign and advertising needs. Let’s talk about solar powered signage and its role in marketing your business.

Why Choose Illuminated Houston Channel Letter Signs?

Before we talk about solar power, it’s important to understand why your signs might need power. Generally, if you need electricity for your channel letters, it’s because they are illuminated. These types of Houston channel letter signs use internal lighting to help illuminate each letter. There are several options for channel letter illumination, including lights shining straight through the letter faces as well as “halo” lighting that provides a backlit appearance. Many business owners choose illuminated signage for on-premises advertising signs because they are easier to see.

Better Visibility

One of the main advantages of choosing business signs that light up is that they offer better visibility. These signs shine even at night to provide 24 hour advertising for your business. In addition, they are easy to see during inclement weather. Because illuminated channel letters are often easier to see than other types of signage, they offer many more opportunities for marketing your business. In addition, they offer a cost-effective option for advertising, often costing pennies per impression, rather than several dollars  per impression for other types of advertising like radio and television.

Illuminated channel letter signs are also less common than non-illuminated signs. This helps them stand out better because they are different from many other business signs. Therefore, choosing lit channel letters is a great way to advertise your business.

Is Solar Power an Option for Illuminated Houston Channel Letter Signs?

Of course, it’s important to consider all your options before making a decision for your business. With modern technology, this includes different power sources for your channel letters. In fact, many Houston LED signs today can actually be solar powered! 

Solar technology has been in a rapid state of advancement. Today, solar panels can be much thinner and smaller than in the past. This means that you can install solar panels in places where it was impractical before. Also, many LED lights (like the ones we typically use in channel letters) require lower voltages. This makes it possible to use solar power for sign illumination. Solar powered signs are becoming more and more popular for businesses of all types and sizes. They offer many advantages compared to traditional illuminated signs that are tied to utility power. 

Why Choose Solar Powered Houston Channel Letter Signs?

Solar power has been a hot topic for many years in many different industries. It’s now making a splash in the signage industry. As solar technology gets better and more affordable, it’s a great option for powering Houston custom signs. While costs for the solar panels and batteries may slightly increase up-front costs for signage, solar powered signs are often easier and more economical to install. They can also stay on during power outages to offer continuous advertisement for your business. As you consider your signage options, keep in mind that many signs can be customized to utilize solar power, which offers several benefits. 

More Freedom for Signage Placement

One great thing about using solar power for Houston channel letter signs is that solar panels allow you more options for signage placement. Wiring signage and connecting to utility power is often a lot of work. In many cases, this also limits where you can place your signs. For instance, landlords of commercial spaces may not allow for modifications required to wire new signage. In some cases, you might even need to dig trenches and bury new lines to accommodate signs. Solar power can provide a practical alternative for both of these situations. You simply install small solar panels and connect them to the new sign to provide power for illumination. Another bonus is that solar powered signage means you can often avoid additional electrical permits and electrical work for sign installation. 

Sustainable Options for Houston LED Signs

Another great reason to opt for solar powered signs is that they are a more sustainable option for signage. Solar power is a renewable energy resource that can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Most businesses today have sustainability goals, and most consumers expect businesses to do their part in reducing waste, pollution, and more. Choosing solar power for your signs is just another step you can take to be more eco-friendly. Signs using solar power don’t use traditional, non-renewable power sources, which is attractive for many businesses.

Lower Utility Costs

In addition to offering more options for signage placement and being more eco-friendly, choosing solar power for your Houston LED signs offers opportunities for cost savings. While the initial costs for purchasing the solar equipment may be a little higher, these costs are offset by saving you on electric bills. Since your sign isn’t connected to the grid, you don’t pay the power company to run it. This can enhance signage ROI and reduce operating costs long-term. 

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