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Work with pros to install your Houston channel letter signs for the best outcomes.

Houston channel letter signs are the perfect choice for many businesses. When installing channel letters, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because of how complex this process can be, it’s best to leave the actual installation to your signage pros. However, there are a few steps you should take to help prepare for installation for your Houston channel letter signs. We can help guide you through the process to ensure your business is ready for installation day.

Have Professionals Install Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

Houston channel letter signs are an attractive and effective addition to your storefront. However, installation can be a difficult process. Therefore, it’s best to have sign installation experts install your channel letters.

One of the main reasons you should have experts install your Houston channel letter signs is that DIY signage installation can be dangerous. Installing signs might require tall ladders, scaffolding, or even heavy equipment like cranes. Also, in many cases installing signs on your building means drilling holes in concrete and other surfaces to properly mount your signs.

In addition, Houston channel letter signs often require electrical wiring. Once secured to your building, we must ensure your letters are wired correctly. However, this isn’t just to make sure your signs light up as they should. Faulty wiring creates many dangers, including an increased risk for electrical fires. Therefore, it’s best to have sign installation experts install your channel letters. If these dangers aren’t enough to convince you to work with the pros, the Houston sign code also requires signage installation to be performed by licensed sign contractors in most cases.

High-quality signage installation often requires experience and specialized industry knowledge. Therefore, you want a team with years in the signage industry with a proven track record for creating and installing business signs. This can help ensure your signs are installed correctly and optimized for your needs.

Find The Best Placement for Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

Another benefit of having a professional your Houston outdoor signage is that they will help you place your signs in the perfect place for your business. Obviously, you want your Houston channel letter signs to be effective and draw in customers. Your sign professionals can help you find a good place to install your sign to increase your ROI. For example, they know where your channel letters will be most effective to draw in eyes from the street, sidewalk, or nearby highway. Your location can have a big impact on signage placement. Also, they can even help recommend more effective features, colors, or other elements to help your signs pop.

Prepare for Signage Installation Services

Before you schedule installation services, be sure you take a few preliminary steps to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible. For example, we will schedule a site survey and ensure we have all the paperwork and permits in order for installation day. In addition, you can help us by ensuring we have plenty of space to work while installing your Houston channel letter signs.

Site Survey

During a site survey, your signage crew will evaluate your building to determine how they will install your channel letters. For example, your experts might recommend a different placement for more effective marketing. We take necessary measurements during the site survey to ensure your sign fits properly on your building.

Additionally, site surveys help us determine what methods to use for signage installation. We assess how easily we can access the installation area and what types of equipment we will need. We also use this site survey to look for any potential risks that we can mitigate for your installation services. For example, in some cases, it may be safest for your business to shut down for a day or for us to come on a day you’re closed. The site survey is an important step in both your business and our crew preparing for installation, as it helps give us a sense of the project.

Permits for Your Sign Installation

Before scheduling installation services, we need to make sure we get a permit for your sign. We take care of this process for you. However, we may need to collaborate with you to schedule necessary inspections. For example, to receive a permit for signage installation, the sign inspector often must conduct their own site survey. In addition, if your Houston channel letter signs feature illumination, then we will also need to schedule a final inspection with the Houston sign administration. Taking these steps can help keep your sign project on the right side of the law and help prevent future issues with the sign administration.

Prepare Your Premises for Installation

Another great way you can help with signage installation is by ensuring that your business is ready. In many cases, this means clearing the area near the front of your building. Often, we arrive at an installation site with not enough room to park our work vehicles and other equipment. Take a quick look around your storefront and, if you can, try to clear some room for your sign installation crew. For example, try roping off some parking spaces and clearing any obstacles or obstructions you can. These small steps can help ensure we have plenty of access and room to install your new Houston channel letter signs.  

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