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Houston channel letter signs with blue backlight for arcade
Your Houston channel letter signs are essential for advertising your business. Make sure they are in great condition.

Houston channel letter signs are a popular choice for advertising your business. These signs are incredibly attractive and long-lasting. However, like any other piece of equipment, they may need repairs from time to time. Many business owners call our experts for repairs due to lighting issues on their older channel letters. In this article, we’ll discuss some common reasons why your LED channel letter signs may need repairs. 

Why Choose Illuminated Houston Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

If you’re in the market for new business signs, there are many reasons to consider illuminated Houston channel letter signs. These signs are an attractive and eye-catching option for marketing your business location. Adding illumination solutions to your signage is also great for providing 24/7 advertising. Illuminated channel letters are cost-effective and work well practically anywhere. In most cases, Houston sign companies can install these signs on any building façade to draw attention to your business. In addition, these business signs are completely customizable to ensure you stand out from your competition. Another great reason to choose illuminated channel letters is that they are easy to service and can last your business quite a long time before you need replacement.

Why You May Need Repairs for Illuminated Houston Channel Letter Signs

Modern Houston channel letter signs typically use LED lighting to create an illumination effect. This is great because LEDs are affordable, energy efficient, and last much longer than other types of lights like neon or incandescent. However, any type of lighting needs service and repair at some point. Therefore, it’s essential to address any lighting problems with your signs as soon as possible. Early repairs can make a huge difference not only in how effective your signs are, but may also help save you from needing a signage replacement. 

The LED Bulbs in Your Houston Channel Letter Signs are Burning Out

A common reason you may seek sign repair is if the bulbs are burning out. If you notice your signs look dimmer and dimmer each day, this could be a sign that the LED bulbs are reaching the end of their life. While LED lights last significantly longer than many other options, they will burn out eventually like any other light bulb. While dim lights in your Houston channel letter signs doesn’t always mean the bulbs are burning out, it is one potential reason, particularly if your sign is a little older. Our technicians can determine if the bulbs are burning out and replace them as necessary to keep your signs shining brightly. 

Issues with the LED Driver

However, in other cases there may be a sign with the LED driver. The driver is what regulates the power going to the LED lights in your signage. Issues with the driver can cause many different problems, including dim or flickering light or even no illumination at all. It could be that the driver is damaged, defective, or even incompatible with the type of LED in your Houston channel letter signs. If this is causing issues with your illuminated signs, generally we can simply replace the driver.

Using Incompatible Switches for Your LED Houston Channel Letter Signs

Another reason you may experience flickering and other lighting issues with your signage is if you use incompatible switches. In many cases, people try to use dimmer switches to give them added control over the illumination of their signs. However, if you use a dimmer switch that isn’t compatible with the LEDs in your sign, then it can cause flickering and other issues. Also, in many cases if you want the ability to dim your sign, you need to tell your signage experts during the design and manufacturing phase. This is because many LEDs aren’t dimmable, even if you install a dimmer switch. Trying to use a dimmer switch with non-dimmable LEDs can cause your signs to flicker or even fail. So, if you recently installed a dimmer switch for your sign, this could be the problem.  

Issues with the Power Source

Of course, in some cases it could be the power source itself, rather than the components of your illuminated Houston channel letter signs causing the trouble. If the lights on your sign flicker, look dim, or simply won’t turn on, it may be an issue with your electrical system. For instance, if your system experiences major fluctuations, it can cause flickering. Overloaded circuits are also a common issue. Each system is different, but many electricians recommend putting your signs on their own circuit because they may need a lot of power to properly light up the LED lighting. Overloaded circuits can cause power fluctuations and even cause the breaker switch to flip and turn off power to your signs. 

Loose or Damaged Wiring or Components for Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

In addition, you may need signage repair for your Houston channel letter signs for damaged, worn, or loose electrical components. For instance, parts in the transformer may corrode or wear out over time, particularly if you’re running the lights on your sign 24/7. However, in most cases it’s the wiring that causes the problem. Wiring and connections can easily become loose over time, especially with outdoor components that are frequently exposed to the elements. Loose wiring can cause dim, malfunctioning, or flickering lights in your Houston channel letter signs. Damaged wiring can also cause many problems for your signs. Wiring may become damaged due to moisture, excessive heat, or even just normal wear and tear over time. 

Why Contact a Signage Technician for Repairs?

If you’re experiencing issues with the lights in your signage, it may be tempting to ignore the problem or even to DIY troubleshooting or repairs. However, it’s typically best to get a signage professional out to diagnose and fix the problem. Lighting systems in your Houston channel letter signs involve many electrical components, which can cause damage or injury if you’re not careful.

Qualified signage technicians have the knowledge and experience not only to quickly find and resolve the problem, but also to do so safely. Remember, any time electricity is involved, there is a risk of overheating, fire, or even electrical shock.

Also, ignoring the problem can lead to even bigger issues over time. In some cases, damage can become worse as time goes on, leading to the expense of completely replacing the sign. Ignored lighting issues can also increase the risk for electrical issues and even fires. To be safe, it’s better to call in the professionals. 

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