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Houston Channel Letter Signs - 4D Signworx
Houston channel letter signs are made of individual letters for optimal visibility and readability.

Houston channel letter signs are an affordable and efficient form of advertisement for your business. The design of your signage is particularly important for attracting new customers and promoting your company. To make a splash and boost sales, make sure your signs are designed to maximize visibility and enhance your brand identity. 

Your Houston Channel Letter Signs Reflect Your Brand

Have you ever passed a dilapidated sign, with lights out or even missing letters? If this describes your signage, it reflects poorly on your business! Signs are often the first impression you make with your customer base. Do you want to give off the illusion that your business is neglected? Certainly not! 

Signage reflects either positively or negatively on your company, so it’s important to make sure your Houston channel letter signs look great. Even the best quality signs may not do much to promote your business if they aren’t designed properly. 

Design is one of the single most important things you should consider for your new signs. Your brand depends on attractive, legible signage that conveys a compelling reason for people to come visit your location. So, how do you design signage that helps you meet your business objectives? One way is to work with signage specialists to create signs that stand out against your competition. 

Designing Houston Channel Letter Signs for your Business

Whether you use channel letters for exterior signage or Houston wall signs, design is extremely important for putting your message out there. A well-designed sign can pay for itself quickly through extra brand awareness, sales, and new first-time customers. As such, you’ll need to consider many different factors when designing your new signs. Now, you probably already have an idea about fonts and colors that match your brand identity. These are definitely important for signage design. However, let’s go over some design elements you may not have thought of. 

Letter Size & Placement

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is how design will affect visibility. The most attractive signage in the world won’t do much for your company if it’s not easy to see! Generally, we recommend ensuring your signage is visible at least 300 feet away. 

Therefore, the size of your Houston channel letter signs should be large enough to be seen from the nearest road. It also shouldn’t be so big that it looks disproportionate on the building façade. In these cases, it becomes more of a distraction than a promotion. 

In addition, while most businesses choose to place their signs right above the front door, this may not be the best choice for you. Think about your location and where most people will see your building. For example, maybe one side of your building faces a major roadway. If this is the case, it might make the most sense to put signage toward the road as well as in front of your building. 

Also, don’t forget to think about potential obstructions that could block your signs from view. For instance, trees or other landscaping features. Take a quick walk or drive around your building to find the most visible area to place your new signage for maximum impressions. 

Types of Houston Channel Letter Signs

Once you know where to place your sign and how big it should be, the next step is to decide which type of channel letters you want. There are four basic types that use illumination to increase visibility:

  • Front lit Houston channel letter signs
  • Reverse lit signs
  • Front/Reverse lit signage
  • Open face channel letters

Each of these comes with different pros and cons. Front lit signs are some of the most common, as they’re both effective and affordable. These signs use LED lights that shine through the acrylic faces of your letters. They’re easily visible both day and night to help promote your business. 

Reverse lit signs are also popular, though somewhat more expensive. These use lights that shine behind the letters to create a halo effect. However, it’s important to note that the illumination may not help visibility as much during the day as after dark. 

Front/reverse lit Houston channel letter signs offer the best of both worlds, shining both behind the letters and through the faces. While often more expensive, they offer great visibility to potential customers and create a dramatic look for your signage. 

Open face letters are another option to choose from, and offer a more “old school” look, similar to neon signs. However, unlike neon signs, they utilize LED lights that are brighter and longer-lasting. This can not only increase your company’s visibility, but also save you money in the long-run on energy costs, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. 

Different Mounts for Houston Channel Letter Signs

Also, there are many different options for mounting your new Houston channel letter signs to your building. If you’re leasing your space, then your choice may come down to what your landlord allows, so make sure to check in with them!

Raceway mounts are extremely popular and often required by commercial landlords. This is because they need fewer holes drilled into the building façade. Raceway mounts are rectangular boxes that the letters are bolted onto. These boxes also house any lighting equipment like wires and transformers. You can paint letter raceway mounts to match the building façade or to provide additional contrast to make the letter faces pop. 

Wireway mounts are similar to raceway mounts, but generally thinner. They also generally hold important electrical equipment, but usually look like a small strip behind the letters. These are great for business owners who want to save money on installation and lighting equipment but don’t necessarily want to see a large raceway mount. 

Finally, you can also individually mount each letter to the building façade. To do this, each letter will contain the lighting equipment inside. Because it requires more labor and more electrical equipment, this mounting option is generally the most expensive. However, many businesses prefer this type of mount to help make their Houston channel letter signs stand out easily against the building. 

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