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A study released in 2019 by Smithers Pira, a leading marketing industry source, indicates that printed signage is expected to reach a total global value of $43.3 billion. It is also expected to cover more than 116 billion square feet of area for point-of-sale media and signage this year. Further growth is expected in this market, with total area of this signage exceeding 123 billion square feet by 2024. Working with an established company to design and produce your Houston custom signs is an excellent strategy to boost your company’s visibility in our area.

Understanding Recent Advances in Digital Signage

A recent article published in Forbes touts the advantages of digital signage for modern businesses. Incorporating digital technologies into your Houston outdoor signage can allow you to update your messages more quickly to provide a brand-new experience for repeat customers and guests in your area. Digital signage is designed specifically to provide optimal flexibility for marketing your business both inside your establishment and in the Houston custom signs used outside your premises.

Programmable outdoor signs can be used alone or in conjunction with visually striking Houston channel letter signs to promote your business or organization effectively. By incorporating digital LED signs into your marketing strategies, you can alert your customers or members to sales, discounts and other special events that could have an impact on them financially or in other ways.

Planning for the Future of Marketing

Digital signage can also provide added information about your potential customers. Advanced digital signage technologies are currently available and being used by retailers to identify frequent customers and to link ads with the purchases they produce. In a few years, your indoor and outdoor signs may not only provide added visibility for your business or organization but also offer you marketing analytics information that could boost your ability to reach your target audience more effectively.

Moving Toward the Interactive Sign

Interactive kiosks are already in place in some cities, campuses and shopping areas. While these installations are rarely intended to market one single retailer or business, the interactive experience provided by these devices will shape the way signage is designed in the future. By working with a qualified Houston sign company, your business can look to the future when planning your LED or channel letter signs.

At 4D Signworx, we offer the latest in the Houston sign marketplace. Our team will take your sign from initial concept to finished installation quickly and accurately, allowing you to make the most positive impact on your potential clientele. Call us today at 713-984-2010 to request a quote for our services. The 4D Signworx team is ready to serve your needs.