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Talk to your Houston sign company about pixel pitch for your outdoor signage.

When researching digital LED signs, you may come across the term pixel pitch.  It’s important to talk to your Houston sign company about pixel pitch, as it determines how well people will be able to see your signs. Investing in digital signage from your Houston sign company is a great way to incorporate flexibility and modernity into your business signage. However, no matter how perfect your message or graphic is, people won’t be able to see it if your sign’s pixel pitch doesn’t suit your needs. Therefore, consider pixel pitch in relation to your needs and budget.

What’s a Pixel?

First off, what is a pixel? A pixel is the dot or square where light emits from your LED sign. It’s essentially the small dots that make up your display image or text. Since pixels are so important for LED signage, you’ll likely hear about pixels a lot from your Houston sign company while discussing your sign needs. The word pixel comes from the phrase picture element, “pix” representing picture and “el” being the first two letters of the word element. It’s the smallest changeable area in your display. Now we know what a pixel is, what is pixel pitch?

What is Pixel Pitch? Why Should I Talk to My Houston Sign Company About It?

Pixel pitch is a measurement between the center of one pixel and the center of the next pixel in your sign. Pixel pitch is measured in millimeters. The smaller your pixel pitch, the higher your pixel density is. This translates into more definition for your signage elements like images and text. This seemingly small component of your signage plays a big role in appearance and visibility for your signage. A smaller pixel pitch generally means higher image quality.

Also, the closer together your pixels are, the closer people can clearly see your sign. Your Houston sign company recommends smaller pixel pitch for signs where people will be standing close to your sign. For example, if you have LED signs in your lobby, you want a smaller pixel pitch because people will likely be closer to them. By contrast, you can often get away with a higher pixel pitch for signs most people will see from far away. Your outdoor signage is a great example of this – if most people see your signs from 30 feet away on the highway, then you can opt for a higher pixel pitch.

So is Pixel Pitch Another Name for Resolution?

You may have also heard the term “resolution” from your Houston sign company or when discussing LED screens in general. Pixel pitch and resolution are related, but not necessarily the same thing. Resolution is how many pixels there are in each vertical and horizontal line. For example, you might have a television with a resolution of 1280 by 720. This means it has 1280 pixels in each horizontal row and 720 pixels in each vertical row.

However, pixel pitch is still an important thing to look at, because resolution has some drawbacks. While it may sound like you have a lot of pixels, resolution doesn’t explain the actual size of the display. You can have 720 pixels, but that only does so much if your sign is ten feet high. However, if you know the pixel pitch and the resolution, this can help you determine how much definition you’re going to get from your signage and how far away your potential customers need to be to see the graphics.

Ask Your Houston Sign Company About Pixel Pitch vs. Fill Ratio

Fill ratio is another LED measurement that helps you find the right LED signage for your business. The fill ratio measures the empty space between the edges of two pixels. This ratio explains how much dark space there will be between the pixels on your Houston custom signs. This can also have a pretty major impact on how well people can see your signs.

Generally speaking, a small fill ratio means using bigger pixels. The bigger the pixels in your signs, the more they will cost. However, too high of a fill ratio and your graphics can start to look like they’re missing chunks from up close. Therefore, you also need to find the right fill ratio between your pixels for the best visibility while balancing your budget.

How Your Houston Sign Company Can Help You Determine the Best Pixel Pitch for Your Signs

Once you’ve decided to invest in digital LED signage for your business, your Houston sign company can help you decide on the pixel pitch you need for your sign. First, you should know approximately how far away potential customers will be from your sign. This will help determine how much viewing distance your signage will need. Then, your Houston sign company can recommend the optimal pixel pitch for your signs. Generally, you should opt for about one millimeter of pixel pitch for every eight feet between your sign and the people you want to see it. For example, if your sign will be about 16 feet away from the road, the maximum pixel pitch you should opt for is two millimeters.

While a higher pixel pitch is typically better by all accounts, the higher the pixel pitch, the more expensive your digital sign will be. Therefore, your Houston sign company will help you weigh your needed pixel pitch against your signage budget to find a solution that works best for you. Many businesses today are opting for two to two and a half millimeter pixel pitch on their signage to help ensure their signs are clear and effective, as well as in-budget.

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