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LED SignsYour logo is an essential element of your company’s branding strategy and can provide you with the name recognition you need to succeed in our area. Incorporating a visually appealing and immediately identifiable logo into your Houston custom signs can be a solid step toward boosting your visibility and increasing your foot traffic within your local community. Here are some key points to keep in mind when creating a logo for your Houston business.

Consider Your Brand

Choosing the right logo design for your company begins with establishing your brand concept. For example, a banking institution generally would not select a logo design that is considered whimsical or too avant-garde. This could diminish its reputation for solid and reliable financial services. In a similar way, companies that cater primarily to youthful customers might choose brighter colors and more modern fonts and designs for their corporate logos.

Ensure Clear Readability

Making sure that your Houston lighted signs are easy to read even at a distance can ensure that you get your fair share of attention and customer traffic. Your logo should be easy to identify and should incorporate colors associated with your company and its products or services. This can help you to make the most positive impact on those who see your Houston custom signs and can help you build a positive reputation for your company in your local area.

Make the Most Dramatic Impact

Determining the right configuration for your logo will depend on a few factors, including the current level of name recognition your company has in the Houston area, the type of business and the overall impression you are looking to create in your potential customers. In most cases, you can choose from a number of configurations for your logo that may include the following:

  • Wordmark logos use text and fonts alone to create an impression of your brand and to present your company name.
  • Brandmarks use an image that is integrally associated with the company to stand in place of a name or text.
  • Companies with longer names may wish to go with a monogram of the corporate initials rather than a logo emblazoned with the entire name.
  • Emblems combine a wordmark with an image to reinforce recognition of the company name and to create a unique visual statement.

As a leading Houston sign company, 4D Signworx can provide you with expert help in designing your company logo and incorporating it into signs of all types. We can design and fabricate signs ranging from large-scale fountain monument installations to Houston LED signs and interior signage options designed specifically to showcase your business or organization. Call us today at 713-984-2010 to get a quote and to schedule a consultation with our logo design team. At 4D Signworx, we look forward to getting your business noticed.