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Are day/night Houston channel letter signs right for your business? Talk to your signage professionals about the best options for signage visibility.

You know the color you choose for your Houston channel letter signs is important, but what happens when the color that fits your brand isn’t easily visible at night? For example, maybe your logo features black text, which is great for daytime visibility. However, once it starts to get dark, you lose out on a lot of potential visibility with your Houston channel letter signs. There are many ways to combat this issue. One way is to invest in day/night channel letter signage. This type of sign helps people be able to see your signs whether it’s light or dark outside. This can lead to an increase in brand awareness, customers, and sales. Therefore, day/night signs can pay off in a big way.

What are Day/Night Houston Channel Letter Signs?

So, what exactly are day/night Houston channel letter signs? Essentially, these signs show one color during the day and another at night. For example, during the day your Houston custom signs are red, but after dark your letter faces will appear white. This is an easy way to ensure maximum visibility 24 hours a day.

Before day/night Houston channel letter signs were created, many business owners faced a difficult dilemma: did they want more signage visibility during the day or during the night? Generally speaking, if you have a light-colored building, darker signs offer contrast. This helps your signs stand out to nearby traffic and passersby. However, once the sun starts to set, dark-colored signs are all but lost. Even when dark Houston channel letter signs feature illumination, they are often much harder to see than lighter colored signs. Generally speaking, white letters ae the best for nighttime visibility. Therefore, in many cases business owners had to choose whether they wanted people to see their signage in the daylight or at night time.

Instead, day/night channel letters offer the best of both worlds. Day/night signs are almost like having two signs in one. Rather than determining when most people will be passing your sign and sacrificing visibility during other times, they help you advertise your business no matter what time of day. There are a few different ways your signage professionals can help you achieve this for your signs.

Methods for Achieving Day/Night Houston Channel Letter Signs

There are two main methods for creating day/night Houston channel letter signs: light management film and secondary channel letter returns. Both options help your signage appear different colors during the day and night.

Light Management Film

One technique for creating day/night channel letter signs is to place light management film on the exteriors of your channel letters. This film is a vinyl film with perforated patterns that we place on channel letter faces. The color of the film will be the color people will see during the day. Then, the perforations allow light to shine through in the color you want during the night. The patterns in the film aren’t easily visible during the day or night, making them a perfect option for day/night Houston custom signs.

Light management film is one of the most common ways to create day/night Houston channel letter signs. This is because it is an easy and inexpensive way to increase visibility. However, it’s important to work with your signage experts for day/night channel letters with light management film. A common problem with this film is that it can be particularly susceptible to hot spots from the LED lights in your signage. It’s especially important to ensure that your signs use the correct type of light management film and that they’re installed correctly. This can help prevent hot spotting issues that make your signs look less attractive. Therefore, choosing the right light management film for day/night signs involves specialized knowledge about your sign. Otherwise, the durability of the film, and ultimately the quality of your sign, may suffer. Therefore, always work with your trusted signage professionals for day/night signs.

Secondary Returns in Your Houston Channel Letter Signs

In contrast, your signage professionals may also be able to add secondary returns inside your channel letters. Essentially, it’s like a channel letter inside a channel letter. This allows you to light up different portions of your signage with different colored LEDs. Therefore, with secondary returns in your channel letters, your signage will be visible both night and day as long as you choose one color that is easily visible during the day, and one that is easily visible during the night.

However, the reason this option is less popular is because it often does require more materials and additional labor. This means they’re often more expensive. The more LEDs in your sign, the more expensive it will be. Also, your signage professionals will essentially have to make two letter returns, or aluminum frames, for each letter or figure in your sign. This, in turn, can make them more expensive and also may make completion times longer. 

Why Choose Houston Custom Signs for Day and Night Visibility?

However, why is it so important to have signage visibility during the day and the night? Naturally, 24-hour advertising offers many benefits, but many business owners wonder just how much this matters, especially for locations that operate only during the day. Even if you’re not open when a potential customer sees your sign, it still can make an impression that leads to them visiting your business later.

Also, during certain parts of the year or in certain weather, day/night signs come in handy even during your normal business hours. For example, during rainstorms, clouds can darken the sky and also limit visibility for your sign. Additionally, during certain times of the year, the sun often sets before the heaviest traffic flows hit, which means you could be limiting how many people see your sign if it’s only visible during the day.

Naturally, signs must also be visible during the day time to help show customers where you’re located and also encourage impromptu stops at your business. Therefore, day/night signs offer many advantages for your company.  

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