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Houston outdoor signsColor is an important element to consider when designing your Houston outdoor signs. Different colors can stimulate different parts of the brain and create a psychological response for your customers. Therefore, the colors you choose for your Houston outdoor signage should reflect the message you want to convey. Depending on your industry, you may want to choose different colors to get potential customers to notice your Houston outdoor signs and get them into your business.

Orange and Yellow Houston Outdoor Signs

Orange and yellow are popular colors for Houston outdoor signs. These colors make people feel cheerful and denote a sense of urgency. They are great to use as a call to action for your customers or promote impulse buys. Some industries that can benefit from using orange and yellow in their Houston outdoor signage are food service, retail, and automotive businesses. Use these colors in your company’s sign if you want to get customers’ attentions and tell them that you provide quick service, or that they may miss out on your products if they wait to come in.

Blue and Green Houston Outdoor Signage

By contrast, blue and green signify calmness and reliability. They can help indicate that your business is trustworthy, healthy, or highly skilled. Therefore, consider blue and green in your Houston outdoor signage if your company deals with pharmaceuticals, technology, or the environment. However, restaurants may want to stay away from blue, as it tends to limit appetite in most people.  

Purple Signs

Choosing purple for your Houston outdoor signs can convey a sense of wealth, decadence, and opulence. When people see purple signs, they get a sense that your products are services are rare and high-quality. Purple signs are less common, but they can benefit your business if you want customers to know that you provide luxury products and services. High fashion retail stores, finance companies, and creative agencies can use this color in their Houston outdoor signs to bring in customers who want premium products and services.

White Houston Outdoor Signs

White signs can also be very effective for your business. The color white tends to make people think of cleanliness, clarity, and openness. Typically, businesses who use this outdoor signage color are trying to promote sanitation and hygiene. Additionally, white can be used to contrast other design elements in your Houston outdoor signs. For example, if you have a lot of text or images, white can help make your signage look less busy. Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and household supply companies can all benefit from the connotations of white outdoor signage.

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